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Finding Missing Person Splits Case Wide Open

By the time the Riley family met with Bennett, the defense attorney they hired to defend their only son, Chad, in a murder trial, it seemed that Chad had already been tried and condemned in the media. Each time Bennett traveled to the county jail, Chad was adamant that he was innocent. The only way to clear Chad's name was to find the other person who knew what truly happened that night. And that person was a young male Chad knew only by his nickname, which was Tubs. As if that wasn't enough of a headache, Bennett was in the middle of preparing for a second high-profile trial. So Bennett called on . Though they are known for their talents as dogged researchers and highly [...]

Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses to See Clearly with Investigative Services

Joan was the type of woman who pretended not to see things. In fact, Joan liked to believe that as long as she didn't talk about a terrible issue, it would somehow just magically go away. For the last four years of her thirty-year marriage, Joan was an ostrich. She suspected her husband of being a cheating spouse. But she buried her head in the sand. She suspected him of using cocaine again, even after he successfully completely rehab ten years ago. But Joan hid her head as often as possible. She also occasionally wondered if her husband was even capable of swindling Lewis, his longtime business partner. But unfortunately, Joan chose to wear those rose-colored glasses. And in the end, Joan was penniless. When [...]

The Road to the Altar was Fast – And so was the Path to Divorce Court

More than anything, Ken did not want his sister to be right about the warnings she whispered before he tied the knot with Margo. His sister insisted that Margo's motivation for marriage had a lot to do with Ken's bank account and very little to do with love. Less than a year ago, Ken had lost his beloved first wife to cancer. He believed that he was destined to be a bachelor. So when he met Margo, Ken threw all caution to the wind. Ken ignored his attorney's advice to draw up a pre-nuptial contract. Now that a few months had gone by and several thousand dollars had flown out of his checking and savings accounts, that fog of bliss was beginning to clear. Ken [...]

Start with to Find a Missing Person

Losing his father suddenly to a heart attack was difficult for Brandon. He was an only child and had been raised by his dad. But Brandon hardly had time to deal with the grief. A few weeks later, when his father's will was read by the family attorney, Brandon learned that his father's only sibling, Robert, was also named in the will as a beneficiary. This information was a shock. As far as Brandon knew, his dad and uncle had been estranged for more than a decade of Brandon's twenty four years of life. As if that inheritance news wasn't enough of a jolt, no one else in the family had had contact with Robert for the last five years. Last they knew, Robert was [...]

Computer Forensics Uncovers Business Embezzlement

For more than a year, Sam and Julie worried about their future as business owners. For some unknown reason, their successful business now struggled financially. Sam spent long nights carefully studying line items on the budget with Steve, their business partner. It was difficult for Julie to finally speak up. But when they again worried about how to survive financially, she admitted her suspicious feelings about their business partner Steve. Julie was insistent that Steve absolutely had to be stealing money. Sam was positive that could not be the problem. Steve had been a long-time friend. He believed there was no way he would do something like this. Besides, Steve was as unstable financially as they were. Plus, since Sam repeatedly examined the financial records [...]

Hurrying Through Hiring and Skipping Background Investigation Has Consequences

Years ago, Bill learned his lesson, which is the fact that you just can't take anything at face value, especially people. Like all of those lessons that last a lifetime, Bill learned this information the hard way. It happened when he hired two new employees for the city courts system. There had not been enough time to adequately complete the HR due diligence checklist including background investigations, as Bill and his staff would normally do with new hires. At the time, the offices for the heavily populated city were grossly understaffed. The employees were all stressed out and overworked. All anybody wanted, at that time, were a couple of warm bodies to sit in front of the telephones and computers. As luck would have it, [...]

Finding a Missing Person Meant the Difference between Life or Death

Finding facts and gathering information are a couple of primary jobs conducted by highly skilled staff at . But we are also impressively talented when given the task of finding people… Attorneys hire us to find witnesses that suddenly disappear before their scheduled time to testify. Bail recovery agents hire us to find individuals who skip bail and vanish. Trust agents hire us to find missing heirs, or sometimes to identify and locate unknown heirs. And our services are often requested when a person is seeking lost family members. Sometimes a person that had been adopted reaches legal age to search for one birth parent or both or there is a medical issue and they make the decision to find a person who is a [...]

Technology Advances: The Need to Sweep for Bugs Grows

At , we understand that you need cold, hard facts. No assumptions. No guesses. Just the facts. We have the most advanced tools to get that job done. We still use basic skills of traditional investigations, such as surveillance. But we have access to very sophisticated surveillance equipment. To conduct research, we use highly advanced data bases. And when we have access to computers and cell phones, we search for the truth through digital forensics. In addition, we are experts at TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. So when you suspect that your office has been bugged, we are the professionals who can answer that question for you. As we have all seen in movies about espionage, wire tapping or a phone tap can be used [...]

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