Doctor transporting human organ for transplant kept on ice in chFinding facts and gathering information are a couple of primary jobs conducted by highly skilled staff at . But we are also impressively talented when given the task of finding people…

  • Attorneys hire us to find witnesses that suddenly disappear before their scheduled time to testify.
  • Bail recovery agents hire us to find individuals who skip bail and vanish.
  • Trust agents hire us to find missing heirs, or sometimes to identify and locate unknown heirs.
  • And our services are often requested when a person is seeking lost family members.

Sometimes a person that had been adopted reaches legal age to search for one birth parent or both or there is a medical issue and they make the decision to find a person who is a blood relation. One of our most recent clients secured our services in how to locate people to help her find a potential bone marrow donor.

In her mid-sixties, the woman assumed that one or both of her biological parents were deceased, but she knew she had siblings. All of the children, a total of five, had been removed from the home by social services, and placed in foster care.

As the oldest, our client had never been adopted by a family. Because the siblings were younger, she was fairly certain that all of them had been adopted. But she had no idea where they were and she definitely didn’t know how to find missing persons. She had grown up in an orphanage.

Finding the lost family members was of dire importance to her. She was fighting a rare form of cancer and her chances for survival were bleak without a bone marrow donor. According to her team of doctors, a blood relative would be her best bet, in regard to finding a perfect match for bone marrow and a stem cell transplant.

Through the years of such rapid advancement in technology, has benefited as well as the clients who now have access to new treatments. We have honed the skills and strategies in finding people using new technology. We have highly polished skills in research and access to data bases and avenues that are unavailable to the general public.

Within weeks, we located two of our client’s adult siblings. Now she can work toward establishing relationships with them and hope for a perfect donor match. When a missing person investigation is really important to you, hire the firm with a reputation for being the best! Hire .

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations