Missing Blue 3D Realistic Square Isolated ButtonBy the time the Riley family met with Bennett, the defense attorney they hired to defend their only son, Chad, in a murder trial, it seemed that Chad had already been tried and condemned in the media. Each time Bennett traveled to the county jail, Chad was adamant that he was innocent.

The only way to clear Chad’s name was to find the other person who knew what truly happened that night. And that person was a young male Chad knew only by his nickname, which was Tubs. As if that wasn’t enough of a headache, Bennett was in the middle of preparing for a second high-profile trial. So Bennett called on . Though they are known for their talents as dogged researchers and highly capable in every aspect of the newest technology, the investigators were equally as talented in old school investigation.

In this case, investigators immediately began a missing person investigation to find this person, Tubs. After identifying his actual name, a background investigation and criminal background check was undertaken. When investigators learned the names of his close relatives and friends, they were able to engage in social media engineering to eventually locate a few photos of parties, with Tubs’ face in the mix. They conducted surveillance and eventually discovered where Tubs was hiding out. If he had nothing to hide, why hadn’t Tubs come forward?

Though private investigators do not actually make arrests, they do work very closely with police in many instances. In this case, the criminal defense and the future of an innocent young man weighed heavily on at least the opportunity to bring Tubs in for questioning.

Thankfully, the expertise of investigators at provided the lead to get to the truth. Once investigators located the young man, local police brought him in. With Tub’s statement, the case against Chad, which prosecutors initially viewed as a slam-dunk, was no longer the murder trial they believed it to be.

The circumstances surrounding our efforts in finding people are always unique. Our purpose is always to find the truth for our clients.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations