New Black Apple Iphone 5At , we understand that you need cold, hard facts.

  • No assumptions.
  • No guesses.
  • Just the facts.

We have the most advanced tools to get that job done. We still use basic skills of traditional investigations, such as surveillance. But we have access to very sophisticated surveillance equipment. To conduct research, we use highly advanced data bases.

And when we have access to computers and cell phones, we search for the truth through digital forensics.

In addition, we are experts at TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

So when you suspect that your office has been bugged, we are the professionals who can answer that question for you. As we have all seen in movies about espionage, wire tapping or a phone tap can be used as a terrible tool to either steal information for a competing business or to use against someone for the purpose of blackmail. You might want to hear that wire tapping is a complicated job and so, it’s not likely that you have to worry about that possibility.

But the unfortunate truth is that it is actually a very uncomplicated activity. In fact, if you understand the basics of a telephone, you can set up a phone tap. If you suspect that you are a victim of this, detect tapping by simply tracing your telephone wires. If you find a permanent splice in the wire, chances are good that you’ve answered your suspicions.

The reality is though, that the chances of a wire or phone tap, although easy to accomplish, is becoming less and less frequent. Now covert surveillance and listening devices have little to do with landline phones.

These days when you ask, “Is my phone tapped?” you are more likely to be referring to your cell phone. That’s where we can complete cell phone forensics for cell phone spyware detection. And with cell phone monitoring becoming such a problem, more and more companies are asking visitors and employees to “check their phone at the door” during highly confidential meetings.

Spy equipment like eavesdropping devices and electronic surveillance cameras are more likely installed around an office or meeting area in decorations, light fixtures, even tissue boxes. And, they can be remote controlled so there won’t be any wires to look for. That’s why TSCM services are in such high demand.

A TSCM sweep is an electronic bug detector. Spy detection is followed up with removal most of the time; although some sly victims like to feed inaccurate information to the listeners.

If you’re in the midst of a crisis, whether it’s a business deal gone awry or a failing marriage, you might need for someone else to set your mind at ease. And that is when you call . We will conduct a thorough and confidential sweep of your home, office or entire business. If there are bugs or wire taps, we will find them.

And if it’s a mobile phone forensic analysis that is needed, we can help you with that, too!

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations