Modern Business WorkplaceMore than anything, Ken did not want his sister to be right about the warnings she whispered before he tied the knot with Margo. His sister insisted that Margo’s motivation for marriage had a lot to do with Ken’s bank account and very little to do with love.

Less than a year ago, Ken had lost his beloved first wife to cancer. He believed that he was destined to be a bachelor. So when he met Margo, Ken threw all caution to the wind. Ken ignored his attorney’s advice to draw up a pre-nuptial contract. Now that a few months had gone by and several thousand dollars had flown out of his checking and savings accounts, that fog of bliss was beginning to clear.

Ken questioned where his new wife spent so much time every afternoon, when she wasn’t shopping in pricey boutiques. He realized something that he would absolutely never admit to his sister…that he didn’t really know much at all about his new bride.

He was embarrassed, but his gut was telling him that he had to take some protective steps – and soon. Ken contacted . He had worked with them before on an insurance fraud claim and knew they were highly confidential and extremely experienced.

When Ken sat down with investigators, he admitted that he suspected his new wife of all kinds of awful activities. Though he requested a full investigation of Margo, Ken hoped that would prove him wrong – he wanted nothing more than to be terribly wrong about her.

Not long into their conversation Ken realized that Margot knew a lot about his activities and phone conversations. She knew things that he discussed when he wasn’t at home or with her. That set off red flags to the investigator, therefore, computer and cellular forensics were suggested. Ken balked, but after a couple of days, he called and asked when he could bring in the home computer and his cell phone for complete digital forensics examinations.

The ’ computer forensic experts have been on the cutting edge of not only computer forensics, but also cellular forensics.

With spyware detector equipment, one investigator discovered that Margo had installed spyware on her new groom’s computer. She was monitoring emails between Ken and his investment broker.

Not only was spyware installed on his computer, they discovered the need for spyware removal on his mobile phone as well. But the spyware was not removed before the cell phone forensic tools identified the spyware had allowed her to monitor his whereabouts, all phone calls, emails and other Internet activity.

With that information in hand, Ken contacted his attorney who suggested it might be prudent to conduct a background investigation on Margo and maybe even a period of physical surveillance as well.

The results of the investigation weren’t at all what Ken wanted to hear. Margo had a criminal history in two other states. Investigators also confirmed that Margo visited an old beau several times each week. The outcome of what began simply as a bad feeling was an unfaithful wife who was taking advantage of him financially as well.

Because acted so quickly and thoroughly to discover the truth, Ken was able to consult his attorney and end the marriage before Margo discovered Ken was aware of her actions and motivations. He said his sister never once said, “I told you so!”

It’s not always evident in the beginning of an investigation where the case will go. That’s why a full-service investigative firm like is your best resource. They are ready to take a new path quickly and efficiently – and sometimes that is exactly what you need.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations