The methods to detect document forgery vary based on the type of forgery committed; it requires a trained eye, a specialist to assist in the detection. For instance, attorneys will contact us to have our handwriting document specialist examine writings for qualities that may indicate a forgery. Our Handwriting expert looks for points at which the alleged forger started and stopped while writing or other evidence of a conscious formation of letters. Such a lack of fluidity is an indication of document forgery since writing is done without thinking of your next pen stroke.

This is a case where we were called upon to examine a contract that was allegedly signed by an employee, Bob, who had authorization to engage into contracts with manufacturing companies on behalf of our Client’s business. Bob’s boss’s brother in law ran a small company that manufactured a product utilized by the Bob’s company. Bob stated he did not sign the contract that would give his boss’ brother in law thousands of dollars in incentives and to be the company’s sole supplier of the product his boss’s brother in law manufactured. Handwriting analysis was conducted by our forensic examiner in an attempt to determine if Bob had signed the contract or if it was a forged signature. Bob had been employed with his company for over 15 years and there was no reason to doubt him until the company learned who owned the manufacturing company. Bob had tested some of his boss’s brother in laws products and found them to be inferior to their standards and refused to make any purchases.

When the handwriting analysis was complete and it proved Bob did not sign the document, the signature was a forged document and the focus of the investigation turned to Bob’s boss. *Exemplar’s were obtained on his boss’ signature and after a second document forgery was conducted, it was determined Bob’s boss had signed the contract.

So if you are ever in a situation where your signature is placed on a document and you did not place it there, call , we will be happy to conduct a document forgery examination to learn the truth.

*Exemplar’s are known writings of an individual.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations