Why Have Your Cell Phone Data Forensically Extracted?

There are many reasons an individual, attorney or a company would request an extraction from a device. An accusation of cheating on your spouse or even worse you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful can likely be addressed by analyzing cellular user data. More than likely there is sufficient evidence on of your cellular devices to either give credibility for or against the accusation. Now, what if the smoking gun was a GPS location saved in a temporary folder destined to soon be deleted? Or what if the text messages between a cheating spouse and their fling have been deleted? Our digital forensics software easily carves out deleted data and GPS location data from phones, but not all phones keep deleted user data the same [...]

Are You Being Watched? GPS vs. Cell Phone Spyware vs. Listening Devices

Debi called to ask that her vehicle be checked for an unauthorized GPS unit. She admits that she has been sneaking around behind Tom’s back (her boyfriend) but it was because she was planning a special birthday event for him. Tom’s best friend, Ryan, let it slip that Tom told him she was at a certain location and there was no way he could have known that. Now she suspects Tom has put a GPS unit on her car and is tracking her movements. When someone asks about bug detection, which includes GPS units, we have to ask a lot of questions. A bug sweep is technically called Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM. And, frankly, we are discovering that more often than a hidden GPS, [...]

Decrease Threats by Reducing Vulnerability to Cell Phone Spy

Let’s talk cell phone spyware detection. Remember this number: 95%. McAfee estimates that’s the percentage of malware ever devised that has been created in the past year. And, the amount of malware detected by them increased 44% last year, too. Those are dismal numbers that illustrate the growing threat to online security. Many of the major threats targeting large banks, online moguls like Facebook and Twitter recently have come from Europe and Asia but that doesn’t mean that the everyday user is exempt. The targets are cell phones and tablets. But the techniques for phishing are still the old school kind – because they work. The large corporations are hit because malware is accessed through links to compromised or malicious sites. Once that site is [...]

2 Secrets to Criminal Defense Using Cell Phone Forensics

Teachers are always encouraging school children to look for patterns – that’s because patterns are so revealing. And it’s not only true in math and science; it’s true in investigations, too. No. 1 Secret – Patterns Tell a Story in Mobile Phone Analysis With years of experience in the field, the investigators at know how to cast a wide net and look at a case and situation as a whole. During a mobile phone forensic analysis, we look at records before an event or crime occurred and then after the event. Changes in patterns – habits – can be quite revealing. Not only do the changes throw up flags, the background prior to the event or crime helps with the cell phone investigation. People who [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Might be the Best Defense

Cell phone forensics at is more than mobile phone forensic analysis. It can include mobile phone spyware detection or cell phone hack detection and sim card forensics, but it includes many other aspects when it comes to defense in a criminal case. For instance, to provide admissible evidence to support a defendant, we employ a variety of tactics which may include: Cell mapping using cell tower location and cell tower triangulation (to finite longitude and latitude locations) Cell phone tracking Ping expert analysis when evidence includes the pinging of a cell phone and testimony as a ping witness Even when restricted or blocked calls are uncovered during a mobile phone forensics investigation, we can peel back blocked calls. Of course, to subpoena records for a [...]

Who is Safe from a Mobile Spy?

In a recent discussion with one of the cellphone experts at , I learned that the Blackberry is probably the least “hackable” phone out there. A cell phone forensic analysis can include what is called a password bypass. In fact, we have been asked to uncover passwords that had been lost or forgotten. That is possible for just about any phone – except the Blackberry. Instead of letting someone into the phone, it destroys data on the device. That explains why Blackberry is the preferred device for CEOs, political leaders (like the President), military and government agencies. Any organization that requires the most secure confidentiality opts for the brand. Users complain about the functionality and usability, but for the security of data, Blackberry is the [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Calls for Expertise and Experience

Cell phone investigation and cell phone forensics requires a growing body of knowledge – and experience is becoming more and more important. The main reason is the continual progress in technology advancements. One aspect is the evolution of cell phones and operating systems. As a cell phone consumer you may think there are only a few real differences between the different cell phones on the market, I mean you can get a computer that uses one of three major operating system vendors: MS Windows OS X from Apple Inc. Linux OS That does not hold true for cellular phones. There are more operating systems for cell phones than for desktop computers. The top five include: Android OS Apple iOS Blackberry OS Symbian Microsoft And even [...]

Is Your Employee’s Phone a Mobile Spy Leaking Your Business Secrets?

All you have to do is sit in a coffee shop or lunchtime dining spot to hear that sensitive business information is being discussed. It may not be about a top secret merger or a hot new product, but information about how a company does business and who their customers are is bantered about in casual discussions. And with the proliferation of ILLEGAL spyware available on the Internet, cell phone spying is becoming more and more a problem. Here at , our mobile phone forensics team is being asked to conduct cell phone spyware detection for more and more businesses. Cell phone monitoring is most often regarded as a way for someone in a relationship to keep tabs on their partner, or in a stalking [...]

Cell Phone Spying is Infiltrating Daily Life of the Average Citizen

Whether you like Anderson Cooper or not, he is part of the mainstream media and the topics he covers are often timely and informative. He had two women on his television program in the fall who revealed their husbands had spied on them through their cell phones. The incidence of cell phone spying has grown and infiltrated the daily lives of average citizens in situations like the women on Cooper’s television show. Cell phone eavesdropping is accomplished through the installation of software directly onto the device. That can happen simply through the opening of an email or an image – and, in the case of these ladies, getting an email or text from your husband would not send up any red flags. Cellular forensics or [...]

Either Way, Cell Phone Forensics Uncovers the Facts

I recently wrote about computer rental retailers that were caught illegally watching lessees’ activities and gathering data through computer monitoring software meant to keep track of rented computers. That sort of monitoring is illegal, but there is another type of monitoring that may fall into a gray area. Parents are monitoring their children’s cell phone activities. There is a long discussion of the issue in an article on Laptopmap.com. It begins: “Privacy ends where safety begins,” said Marje Monroe, a clinical social worker, educator and co-founder of ChildrenOnline.org. She consults with schools across the country to help students and parents cope with the dizzying world of social networking, cyberbullying and smartphones. There are all the conversations taking place about the line between personal information and [...]

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