why-cell-phone-data-forensicsThere are many reasons an individual, attorney or a company would request an extraction from a device.

An accusation of cheating on your spouse or even worse you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful can likely be addressed by analyzing cellular user data. More than likely there is sufficient evidence on of your cellular devices to either give credibility for or against the accusation. Now, what if the smoking gun was a GPS location saved in a temporary folder destined to soon be deleted? Or what if the text messages between a cheating spouse and their fling have been deleted? Our digital forensics software easily carves out deleted data and GPS location data from phones, but not all phones keep deleted user data the same nor for the same length of time. Even if the data does not show on the device it is still possible that a digital forensic data extraction can retrieve all of this important information. What data that is able to be extracted is dependent on what data is still on the phone. While some data types can be stored for years on a device there are others that the operating system does not intend to hold on to, especially data such as temp files in the cache folder, browser history, GPS location data points etc.

Digital forensic extractions are not only applicable to domestic situations. The need for digital forensic extractions is plentiful and can be useful in many other avenues. For example: What if you were in an automobile collision and severely injured with medical bills piling up? Imagine how horrifying it would be to find out the individual responsible stated you were texting at the last second before the collision happened when in fact you were not utilizing your device. Forensically extracting the data from the phone and analyzing the data could easily show the user history on the device and what you did and even more importantly what you did not do on your phone leading up to the time of the accident.

There are multiple reasons a digital forensic extraction may be useful and we are here to assist you in determining if your investigation is best suited to utilize our digital forensic lab.