Teachers are always encouraging school children to look for patterns – that’s because patterns are so revealing. And it’s not only true in math and science; it’s true in investigations, too.

No. 1 Secret – Patterns Tell a Story in Mobile Phone Analysis

With years of experience in the field, the investigators at know how to cast a wide net and look at a case and situation as a whole. During a mobile phone forensic analysis, we look at records before an event or crime occurred and then after the event. Changes in patterns – habits – can be quite revealing.

Not only do the changes throw up flags, the background prior to the event or crime helps with the cell phone investigation. People who are frequently called may all of a sudden disappear or new people show up quickly and frequently. It’s that change in pattern. Once the data is collected, the story begins to take shape and gaps are illuminated, which provides leads and direction.

No. 2 Secret – A Really Smart Attorney Has Resources

Every person accused of a crime wants a defense led by a really smart attorney. That does not mean that the attorney has got to know everything or how to do everything. No, a really smart attorney knows his resources. He knows where to go to get the help and services he needs. That’s why here at , we say we work with a lot of really smart attorneys. Here in Indianapolis – and across the nation for that matter – attorneys know what is possible and they know we can provide the service they need – especially when it deals with cell phone forensic analysis and  all aspects of cell phone investigation.

They don’t have to worry about cell phone legal compliance issues because they know we follow all the rules and regulations – cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Not only is that important in the legal process for cell records, but it is also exceedingly important in chain of custody and in using cell phone forensic tools and software. The evidence is secure AND experts can be not only a cellphone witness in court regarding the data, but the process as well.

The bottom line, forensic mobile services can be a critical and significant element of a criminal defense. Find the smartest attorney you can if you are in need of criminal defense – just remember that the best – and smartest – attorneys have professional and expert resources that can identify patterns and bring evidence that reveals the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations