Is Communication Really SafeIn today’s world, there are so many avenues of communication.  We think face to face is the safest, as there are no footprints of the words we speak.  We fax because there isn’t a written line of communication, we talk on our cell phones without ever thinking someone else is listening.  We email without fear because it’s all done electronically.  We text our family, our work, our friends, even businesses private information we think is safe and only that person is receiving it.  Once we hang up, hit send or end button we walk away thinking our communication is safe and secure.

That safe and secure world is behind us, we are in the 21st century and technology improves every day.  The same technology that assists can compromise us.   Here at International Investigator’s, we get calls from Clients who believe their phone or computer could be hacked.  We first ask, “What is it that you do that is so important to others that they would go to the extreme of installing illegal spyware on your device?” The answer is, “I’m an attorney”, “I’m an investment broker”, “I’m involved in a nasty divorce”, “I own a very profitable business”, and sometimes it doesn’t apply to any of this, sometimes it’s just, “I really don’t know, I don’t feel like my life is that important or interesting for anyone to care”.  But when you feel compromised, or your information could benefit someone else or a competitor or your Client is involved with a shady character, or there are millions of dollars at stake, you need to know if your communications are safe and secure and remain private and that no one else has the ability to access that information.

not only conducts on the ground investigations, we conduct digital forensics.  Our forensics investigator can conduct a mobile phone forensic analysis to determine if your phone has been compromised. Our expert will first forensically image the device so that any information or evidence of an illegally installed spyware can be used in the court of law.  We work from the forensic image, we do not use the phone to look for spyware and your phone is always in a “faraday position”, so the phone will never be modified by or accessed by the hacker while in our possession.  Our Computer Forensics expert can forensically image and extract data from the hard drive of your computer.  An extraction has the capability of recovering deleted information.  Again, the forensic expert will conduct his analysis from the image and not the device so that any information recovered can be used by your attorney.

Digital forensics is a very important avenue with today’s technology and the ability for anyone to have access to software that is capable of compromising your device or computer.

—Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations