Home ExteriorWhen Ken and Sonya entered the door at with their attorney, they were frustrated and felt very helpless. Their problem had been going on for several weeks. They had reached out to legal authorities but got few answers.

As many successful business owners do, this couple had purchased real estate in various locations across the country. Most of what they owned was within driving distance of where they lived in the United States, but they also had homes in locations where they enjoyed vacationing.

They had purchased a relatively large estate last year in a sunny vacation resort area. Soon after purchasing the property, they hired an individual to oversee the property. They had planned to make the trip at least twice each year, but their daughter was gravely ill so they had postponed their planned trip to the home.

They were meeting with to explain their problem. Though the property was supposed to be empty, the couple had been contacted by police three times in the last several weeks. Neighbors in the area had complained about noise and excessive traffic in the usually quiet area, which was on the outskirts of the city.

When the couple contacted their property manager about these complaints, he insisted there was no problem. He pointed out that if a problem was found, surely the police would be contacting them with that information. Neither of them wanted to leave their daughter in order to make the long trip to the property to try to figure out what was happening, but they were very concerned because nothing made sense to them.

It didn’t take long for to outline a plan for them and go into action:

  • Using investigative techniques in the location and sophisticated surveillance equipment, were able to photograph and video evidence of parties on the property. We were able to find evidence of multiple cars coming and going and document the days, times and length of stays.
  • A background investigation including a criminal background search on the property manager revealed financial difficulties and a history of previous criminal activities.
  • An investigator was able to infiltrate a party wearing a mobile listening devise and mobile video surveillance camera. He was able to gather evidence that suggested the property manager was using Ken and Sonya’s home to entertain wealthy clients with call girls.

Obviously Ken and Sonya were not happy with the outcome, but they were glad to know what the situation was at the property. Using the data and evidence gathered and professionally handled, the couple’s attorney was able to provide the local authorities with evidence and pursue criminal charges once police staged a raid.

The fact that has been in the industry for more than 20 years means we are able to expertly employ long-time traditional investigative methods with cutting edge investigative technology. We appreciate the resulting truth that we are able to bring to the surface and our ability to preserve evidence for use in probably court proceedings.

Whatever the problem or situation, can help attorneys, insurance companies, employers and individuals learn the true facts so the best decisions can be made on what action to take.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations