Remember when your “Mobile Phone” was in a case as big as a small brief case and each call cost you a couple of dollars per minute and not cents? You were among a very elite if you had a “Mobile Phone” back in the day. Today, it is reported that more than 91% of adults in a survey of over 2,500 people own cell phones. They are replacing landlines, GPS Devices and tablets and many times every member in the family is linked to their own cellular device. A cell phone allows the user to make calls, send text message and emails, surf the web, schedule to wake you up, remind you of appointments and even goggle answers to questions when in a heated discussion.

A cell phone can also be a gateway to allow others to know who you call, email and text, have access to your contact lists and determine the exact location you are without you even knowing.

Sure, there are some telltale signs: Battery drains fast, the phone is hot to the touch, the phone turns itself on when you aren’t even using it and you have a large amount of data usage. It is very rare to know if you are using more data due to the fact that so many carriers offer unlimited data usage, therefore when you receive your bill, which is usually paperless, you never check to see what is really happening with your phone.

has conducted many interviews with local TV stations educating the public what can happen if you own a cell phone, although the benefits outweigh the negative, privacy can be compromised the moment you activate your phone and if someone wants to know what you are doing. There are thousands of cell phone spyware applications on the market. There are some that allow parents to observe activity on their children’s phone; there are some that allow children of elderly parents in locating their cellular location, both of which are legal. Then there are the illegal cell phone spyware applications purchased for as little as $30 that can allow one person to know everything someone does on their phone. This is illegal and if found the perpetrator can be criminally charged.

How does one go about determining if in fact their cell phone has been compromised? The best way is to have a cell phone investigation; a Cell Phone Forensic Analysis can be conducted by a cellphone expert to determine if there is any type of spyware application installed on your mobile device. We Forensically Image your cellphone preserving the evidence obtained and making no modifications to the device.

Should you find yourself in a situation that may require a cell phone forensic analysis, call to find the truth. Your privacy is our priority.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations