Bugged and ConfusedYour words are repeated, your private communications are known, your strategy is exposed, your business has suffered and you just cannot say for sure how this was done.  It can happen and has happened to many private individuals and businesses.

There is information that needs to be shared between business partners, attorney and clients that need to remain in strictest confidence and yet, somehow somebody or a competitor knows exactly what is going on.

We first want to say “mole”, but we know the individuals involved would also experience a loss if the information was shared to the outside world, so how is the information being shared?

Cellular devices are common practice.  We use them for various types of communication.  Telephonically, emails, texts and we use them to gather information from the internet.  Many of us would be at a loss without them.  They are a part of our everyday lives and we never stop to think of their capabilities.  They are devices; therefore, they operate strictly by instruction, whether it be punching in a telephone number, dictating an email, saving a date or event or entertainment, they work for us to make our lives easier.  They also have the ability to function under the control of an unknown individual to be activated as a listening device, a GPS, covert surveillance and cell phone monitoring.  Cell Phone Forensics is on the rise due to the fact that spyware can be purchased by anyone and installed even without having access to the device.  Digital Forensics is a fast growing area due to the amount of cell phones and computers that are currently in use.  Mobile phone forensic analysis is conducted to analyse a cellular device to determine if spyware has been installed.  Computer forensic analysis and data extraction software is used to determine if spyware/malware has been installed on your computer or laptop.  Forensic data recovery is conducted to obtain information from either a cellular device or a computer even if the information/document/email/text has been deleted.  TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) are conducted when there is a threat that someone has installed a listening device or a covert camera or even using a cellular device as a mode of obtaining information illegally.  There are various forms of surveillance equipment that can be utilized to document private conversations or private matters.  An electronic bug detector, another name for a TSCM determines if a phone is tapped, a device is placed in an area of concern, or a GPS has been installed on your vehicle.  TSCM services are quite common and needed.  Before your next company meeting involving private matters, signing of contracts, discussions of expansions, or any other business matter that would be of interest to a competitor first decide if the area is safe, could it have been compromised, would someone else benefit from learning these details.  If you answered yes, then a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Sweep can set your mind at ease and your business remains your business nobody else’s.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations