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Cell Phone Forensics Might be the Best Defense

Cell phone forensics at International Investigators is more than mobile phone forensic analysis. It can include mobile phone spyware detection or cell phone hack detection and sim card forensics, but it includes many other aspects when it comes to defense in a criminal case. For instance, to provide admissible evidence to support a defendant, we employ a variety of tactics which may include:

Cell mapping using cell tower location and cell tower triangulation (to finite longitude and latitude locations)
Cell phone tracking
Ping expert analysis when evidence includes the pinging of a cell phone and testimony as a ping witness

Even when restricted or blocked calls are uncovered during a mobile phone forensics investigation, we can peel back blocked calls. Of course, to subpoena records for a blocked [...]

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    Turn it Off and Stash it in a Drawer to Prevent Cell Phone Spying

Turn it Off and Stash it in a Drawer to Prevent Cell Phone Spying

My friend recently had a meeting with her attorney. I don’t know what they needed to discuss – we never talked about that. We did talk about the Cell Phone Policy her attorney had adopted and required everyone in the office – including clients – to adhere to.

Because of the escalating incidence of cell phone surveillance and cell phone spying, the firm adopted the policy. Every cell phone that came into the office had to be turned off and left locked in a designated cabinet during all visits and consultations. No active cell phone moved past the receptionist’s desk.

Here at International Investigators we understand why the legal firm has taken the stand. We see the increase in mobile device forensics brought on by the [...]

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    Would a Bug Sweep of your Business Uncover any Spy Equipment?

Would a Bug Sweep of your Business Uncover any Spy Equipment?

Just like an average citizen might ask who would want anything from them enough to take the time to engage in cell phone tapping, businesses across the nation might ask who would install eavesdropping devices or engage in electronic surveillance in their organizations.

The answer is evident in a report from the National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX). The report says that foreign spies account for economic espionage costing “the United States economy as much as $400 billion or more per year.” Some say that is grossly understated.

Now that’s BIG BUSINESS – and not the kind U.S. business wants to see. Is your business being targeted?

Corporate secrets and intellectual property are highly valued by competitors and years of research and development could be wiped out through computer [...]

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    Cell Phone Spying is Infiltrating Daily Life of the Average Citizen

Cell Phone Spying is Infiltrating Daily Life of the Average Citizen

Whether you like Anderson Cooper or not, he is part of the mainstream media and the topics he covers are often timely and informative. He had two women on his television program in the fall who revealed their husbands had spied on them through their cell phones.

The incidence of cell phone spying has grown and infiltrated the daily lives of average citizens in situations like the women on Cooper’s television show. Cell phone eavesdropping is accomplished through the installation of software directly onto the device. That can happen simply through the opening of an email or an image – and, in the case of these ladies, getting an email or text from your husband would not send up any red flags.

Cellular forensics or mobile [...]

Cell Phone Spying is Illegal in the United States

There is one more reason to be glad you reside in the United States – cell phone spyware is illegal here. With the release of the Apple iPhone5 in Australia, cries can be heard about the “potential tsunami of privacy breaches” according to an article at news.com.au.

The article quotes senior lecturer of Internet law at QUT Peter Black who says that “It is not uncommon for the law to lag behind technology in the sense that technology evolves very rapidly.”

While that is somewhat obvious because of the nature of technology and the nature of legislation, here at International Investigators, we know that the proliferation of cell phone spying is growing and become much more common. Some think it is a good way to catch [...]

Baby Monitors as Spy Equipment? Don’t Laugh, It’s True

Did you ever think that your baby monitor could be a spy listening device? That’s right. With technology moving ahead, parents are able to connect to their baby monitors and while these eavesdropping devices are meant to keep baby safe, the can also end up being used as electronic surveillance by bad guys.

How it works is that the baby monitor connects to the local Wi-Fi network and broadcasts audio to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app for the mobile device is free to download. Audio surveillance equipment has never been easier for bad guys – at least when there’s a baby in the house.

The danger is that baby monitors are being installed in homes for use with seniors, too. And we know [...]

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    Covert Surveillance and Spy Listening Devices are Rooted Out in Bug Sweeps

Covert Surveillance and Spy Listening Devices are Rooted Out in Bug Sweeps

The other day, I was thinking about all the people who call International Investigators to ask us to install phone tapping equipment or put a mobile phone tap on a cell phone to find out the truth about someone or some situation. We won’t do that because it’s illegal, but there are other ways that are legal to get the information they want – or find out how others are getting information they shouldn’t have.

One thing we often remind clients is that a cell phone is a computer. While someone may be suspicious about the activity on a spouse’s/girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s/co-worker’s phone, the user could simply be playing a game, checking a bank balance, transferring money, or even entering what they ate into an app they’re [...]

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    A Mobile Spy Could be in Your Pocket – and a Ping Indicates the Door is Open

A Mobile Spy Could be in Your Pocket – and a Ping Indicates the Door is Open

Do you know what a ping is? Do you ever remember those movies where one ship or submarine sends out a sonar signal to determine the location of another ship or submarine? They make that ping sort of noise?

Well that is similar to a cell phone ping only, in the case of smart phones, it can open up more than just your location. If the phone has GPS or Internet connections, your location can be noted. If a bad guy wants to keep tabs on you, pinging your cell phone can alert him to your location at any moment.

The ping is the signal and is also a request for information. When the request is answered, that means there is a connection between the sender [...]

Odd Noises and Voices Could be Signs of Cell Phone Spyware

Sometimes the bad guys who have installed cell phone spyware on a mobile device fumble and their fumbles could mean you discover their covert actions.

For instance, here at International Investigators, we had a client come in with his Blackberry in his hand and say that something just wasn’t right. His request was for a forensic phone analysis.

He realized a couple of times when someone made a comment about something that no one except he and his partner knew about. His partner swore that he hadn’t shared any of the information with anyone, but somehow the information got out. The only explanation in his mind by this point was that there had to be something – or someone – listening in on his phone and [...]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Can Start Outside

You may think that tapping phone lines at your home means someone has to gain access inside the house. While it is possible to install phone tapping devices inside the rooms of your home or office, but you have to know that a bad guy doesn’t even have to get in your house to tap a phone line.

A visit to the outside box or the riser could result in the bad guy getting access to your phone line and adding a phone tap device. That’s right. A visit to the box that’s on the outside of your home or office could provide the opportunity for your phone lines to be tampered with and allow your conversations to be overheard.

It’s not just the box hanging [...]