Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Can Start OutsideYou may think that tapping phone lines at your home means someone has to gain access inside the house. While it is possible to install phone tapping devices inside the rooms of your home or office, but you have to know that a bad guy doesn’t even have to get in your house to tap a phone line.

A visit to the outside box or the riser could result in the bad guy getting access to your phone line and adding a phone tap device. That’s right. A visit to the box that’s on the outside of your home or office could provide the opportunity for your phone lines to be tampered with and allow your conversations to be overheard.

It’s not just the box hanging outside. If they can find the network distribution box that services your neighborhood and locate the terminal to your home, they can go about tapping a phone line, too. And they may not be anywhere close to your property. That means even the most observant and watchful person could have their privacy breeched.

They install a telephone recording device, something called a “ring and tip” directly to the cables, and voila! they can record every time the phone is picked up.

Our team can come in and locate eavesdropping equipment including telephone recording devices and remove them. We can find phone tapping devices on the inside or outside of the building structure using sophisticated technical surveillance countermeasure equipment. Because of our years of experience, once a phone line tap is uncovered, we can identify the tapping equipment and remove it or report it to the authorities.

Cell phone tapping devices are completely different. In fact, eavesdropping on a cell phone doesn’t require a device. It is all done through spyware. But can help you uncover it as well. It is a different process than uncovering a phone line tap.

The end result is that if you think someone is listening to your conversations because they know things they shouldn’t know, give us a call from a secure phone.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations