Odd Noises and Voices Could be Signs of Cell Phone Spyware Sometimes the bad guys who have installed cell phone spyware on a mobile device fumble and their fumbles could mean you discover their covert actions.

For instance, here at , we had a client come in with his Blackberry in his hand and say that something just wasn’t right. His request was for a forensic phone analysis.

He realized a couple of times when someone made a comment about something that no one except he and his partner knew about. His partner swore that he hadn’t shared any of the information with anyone, but somehow the information got out. The only explanation in his mind by this point was that there had to be something – or someone – listening in on his phone and the only way to prove it was with a mobile phone forensic analysis.

He said he’d heard some clicking and once, he even heard some voices in the background during a call. He asked the caller where she was and she said at home, alone, which made him wonder. At the time he figured they were just those phantom noises that sometimes happen, but the leaks of confidential information piled on top of the clicks and voices made him wonder. The only way he said he could ease his mind was to have a complete cell phone analysis by experts.

After going through the forensic cell phone data recovery process, the spyware was identified. The twist here is that he decided to let the bad guys hear some bad information that would throw them off the path his company was on before the malware was removed. Some days we wonder how it turned out. He never returned so we think it probably turned out the way he wanted.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations