Baby Monitors as Spy Equipment? Don’t Laugh, It’s TrueDid you ever think that your baby monitor could be a spy listening device? That’s right. With technology moving ahead, parents are able to connect to their baby monitors and while these eavesdropping devices are meant to keep baby safe, the can also end up being used as electronic surveillance by bad guys.

How it works is that the baby monitor connects to the local Wi-Fi network and broadcasts audio to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app for the mobile device is free to download. Audio surveillance equipment has never been easier for bad guys – at least when there’s a baby in the house.

The danger is that baby monitors are being installed in homes for use with seniors, too. And we know that seniors are more vulnerable to bad guys and their scams and cons. With the population of seniors growing so quickly, families need to be aware of inadvertently inviting bad guys to listen in on grandma or grandpa. What could be intended to be a listening device to ensure loved ones’ safety, could end up being a spy listening device.

The baby monitors are rather unobtrusive looking and could potentially be unnoticeable in an office setting, especially to people who don’t frequent a targeted area. Meeting participants could assume they are air purifiers or ionizing machines. Office inhabitants could think the property manager installed some sort of air or fire equipment. No one asks and so conversations could be subject to audio hijack without anyone ever suspecting spy equipment.

When conducts technical surveillance countermeasures or, as we call them, TSCM sweeps, we have the experience and technology necessary to determine and locate covert surveillance equipment – including the innocent-looking baby monitor.

Although we do still conduct TSCM sweeps for things like phone tapping equipment and computer surveillance, we can uncover other methods – like baby monitors – that are being used by bad guys.

If you suspect others know your business or have heard private conversations, don’t just be concerned, contact us to be sure you’re property, offices and home are safe and secure.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations