Medical Issues are One Reason we Find Missing RelativesNot all investigative work is tied to bad guys.

In fact, here at , we get many calls from people asking us to find a family member. We find missing siblings and parents. In fact, we find missing relatives of all sorts.

Some have been estranged for years and old hurts are fading. Other cases are from people seeking family members because of medical issues. It could be that a genetic disease has been uncovered and the patient/client wants to let the missing relative know of health issues they should suspect may happen in their lives.

Another side of medical-related investigations into missing persons that come up is when a patient is seeking an organ donor or a bone marrow donor.

In one case, a woman called and was looking for her nephew. The nephew was the son of her sister, who died from a medical condition that is genetically linked. Detected early enough, the disease was treatable and actually curable. If not treated early, it could be terminal.

The deceased sister and her husband had divorced and their son had gone to live with the husband. Many years had passed and the woman had lost touch with her nephew. However, after his mother died, the aunt felt it was important to let the nephew know not only of his mother’s death, but of the medical condition that caused her death.

When we find missing persons, we are always very careful about protecting the privacy of all the parties involved. Only when both sides agree they want to meet do we provide any information for them to connect. We do relate the information we know, such as the medical issues in this situation.

Bringing families together by finding missing relatives is a rewarding feeling when they want to reconnect. In most situations, it at least provides some closure and peace of mind.

Missing persons investigative work overall is about uncovering the truth. Sometimes the truth is distressing, but knowing the truth is what allows clients to make good, informed decisions.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations