Handle your Clients with Care and You Will be RewardedI have had some pretty amazing times in the world of Investigations.  Especially when I receive calls from previous Clients to give me updates, request additional services, and some have called me to check up on how the Business is doing since I took over and merged it with my own company, All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations.  There are Clients who didn’t know the change of ownership and who currently is running the company, but they know from previous experiences who they can call for assistance.  I have been complimented on moving the business to a new location accessible from anywhere in Indianapolis and surrounding cities, better parking, more discreet and updated office, but the best compliments are the ones who come back because of the work conducted and the great results.  Many clients are surprised that I maintain the same position, Director of Operations and find confidence in the fact that I will personally oversee their case from start to finish.

The biggest compliment any company can get is repeat customers/clients and when we get a call from someone who utilized our services from years past, we know they appreciate our work ethic and they have confidence their case will be handled professionally, discreetly and in a timely manner.  We hear, “Do you remember me?  You did (this or that) for me years ago”.  And I am happy to reply that “Yes, I do” and the comfort level begins there and continues throughout the whole investigation process again.

Some Clients have gotten married, divorced, had children, bought a house, got a new career and in all these life changes, something has happened that required them to reach out to us for help.  Some Clients even require additional services on the same ongoing crisis.  In either situation, we are proud to be the PI they turn to when life gets tough.  We also get calls from previous Clients requesting a referral to a law firm, which we gladly do, as we have established a good working relationship with many legal teams in the 20+ years in the business.  We understand which law firm to direct them to depending on their needs, if they need legal advice for Custody or Domestic Issues, I can recommend an attorney who I know will do a good job for them in court.  If their needs are monetary issues, they know we are top-notch in obtaining financial information beneficial to their attorney.  Should they suspect infidelity within their marriage or relationship, we can conduct Polygraphs or Voice Stress Analysis Examinations.

Previous Clients have recommended us to their friends, families, and associates for Cellular and Computer Forensics, Technical Countermeasures Surveillance for illegally installed audio and video devices and are surprised that our services are more affordable than before.   We tell them the world of technology is a fast pace business and more and more companies are offering the same services, but the difference is we are local, we are knowledgeable and we take the time to explain our findings and answer questions to areas within the report they may find confusing.  We don’t just conduct the work, we stand behind it, and days or weeks later if there is a question, they call us, no charge, no feeling of being annoyed or they come in to communicate face to face as we have a brick and mortar business so Clients can set down and talk, have a refreshment and be comfortable during a difficult situation.

I always say it isn’t hard to have repeat Clients, because our work product, knowledgeable employees and our communication skills will bring them back and/or be recommended.


Brenda McGinley ~ CEO, All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations. dba