Veteran Gratitude: A Personal Story With Our Veteran

My blogs are geared to assist my clients in learning the truth about a specific event, situation, a personal relationship, business dealings, locating an heir, finding a missing person, conducting a proper background check or determining if your phone, office or residence has been bugged.  But today it isn’t about helping just one person or company or law firm, it’s about a big reason I honor those who serve our country. Veterans day is Monday, November 11th I want to share how one person in one situation did his part for our country. On this day we honor those who served or are serving in the military.  It’s an opportunity to thank them for standing up and protecting our county.  I am honored to have [...]

Can “Negative Information” create a Positive Result?

It’s a familiar post on Facebook, for those of us that still have an account, that Negative Information (Not Politically incorrect), I mean Negative:  focused on what is bad or lacking is shared more often than a positive post?  What about Negative Reviews?  When someone is impacted by an act or words they cannot accept or feel they have been wronged by someone or something, it is more common for them to report negative reviews than positive?  Why do we feel the need to share negative events and situations more than positive publicly? In business, positive reviews are helpful, oftentimes it is the path to connect with that business.  When a negative review is posted, how does that effect consumers regarding that business?  If there [...]

When to Investigate AND When Not to Investigate

I am a firm believer in the phrase, “Life Happens”, referencing situations and events that you can and cannot control.  When decisions are made by others that personally affect you, you have two choices:  “Let it Go!” Or take “Action” How do you decide which path to take. I get that question all the time from prospective Clients. They want to know what they can do or if they should do anything. I am far from having the qualifications to provide professional legal or mental advice, but I am certain from years of being a professional investigator qualifies me to provide recommendations and share like case findings and results. To sit back and do nothing may be the most logical option, but if it causes [...]

Handle your Clients with Care and You Will be Rewarded

I have had some pretty amazing times in the world of Investigations.  Especially when I receive calls from previous Clients to give me updates, request additional services, and some have called me to check up on how the Business is doing since I took over and merged it with my own company, All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations.  There are Clients who didn’t know the change of ownership and who currently is running the company, but they know from previous experiences who they can call for assistance.  I have been complimented on moving the business to a new location accessible from anywhere in Indianapolis and surrounding cities, better parking, more discreet and updated office, but the best compliments are the ones who come back because of [...]

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