My blogs are geared to assist my clients in learning the truth about a specific event, situation, a personal relationship, business dealings, locating an heir, finding a missing person, conducting a proper background check or determining if your phone, office or residence has been bugged.  But today it isn’t about helping just one person or company or law firm, it’s about a big reason I honor those who serve our country. Veterans day is Monday, November 11th I want to share how one person in one situation did his part for our country. On this day we honor those who served or are serving in the military.  It’s an opportunity to thank them for standing up and protecting our county.  I am honored to have had a son who put his country first and this is just a small part of his story.

We were all proud the day he graduated from Bootcamp.  We were all scared the day he was deployed to Afghanistan.  When he called to inform us he was being deployed it was at that moment the realization of him being in a foreign county fighting for our country was a reality we weren’t prepared to hear.  Being a mother, father or spouse of an active soldier comes with more than pride.  The unknown regarding their whereabouts, what they are doing, or if they are safe. What they will see and experience are not only hovering in our brains, but in our hearts.  You work at separating the what if’s and reality to cope on a daily basis.

He was in Afghanistan for about six weeks when we got the call he was injured and was being flown to the states.  During the trip, they had to land in Germany due to complications.  We were very lucky that we had a daughter-in-law whose brother-in-law was doing his internship at a hospital in Germany where our son was being treated.  On Mother’s Day I received a call from a nurse at the hospital who stated there was someone who wanted to talk to me.  She put my son on the phone and as happy as I was to be able to speak to him, my heart sank from his words.  He couldn’t put together his sentences, he stuttered and couldn’t finish the phrase: “Happy Mother’s Day”.  It was only when they could stabilize him that he continued this journey home to the US and was flown to a non-military hospital in North Carolina.  We immediately left to be by his side.  Upon our arrival, we expected the worse, but what we saw was our son laying in a bed with very little visible injuries.  He was diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  His communication skills and physical abilities were affected from the inside, so outwardly we saw our son, we didn’t see all the complications.

One evening he insisted to be taken out of his hospital room to go outside.  We didn’t know why, and we didn’t ask, we just helped him.  He stood in front of the flag as they lowered it he put his right hand above his right eyebrow and saluted.  This was a sign of how much he loved and respected his county and how much he was willing to give her.  My husband and I stood behind him holding hands with such pride for this man, then and now years later.

Today, well he is the father of a handsome young man who looks and acts just like him at that age.  He cannot work, he still suffers from internal injuries, but he is a giver.  He cannot give any more to the county he loves, but he stands with pride whenever he sees a flag and he listens to others that speak of their similar experiences.

If you or a loved one is currently serving or has served our country, we at All In Investigations thank them for their service and for their unselfish act to protect all of us.