Courtroom Wins May Rest on Forensic Investigator CredibilityHere at , we provide the truth, reliable facts about matters and answer critical questions so our clients can make informed decisions. We gather information and intelligence on everything from people, hidden assets, computer forensic examination or mobile phone analysis and when it is provided to attorneys and clients, it is documented, verified and ready to go.

Go where, you ask? Right into the courtroom.

Attorneys appreciate knowing we are experts who can testify and support our testimony.

They don’t have to worry because not only is the information about hidden off shore accounts good, the way we work and are paid leaves no opening for opposing counsel. Professional investigators like only work on an hourly basis. Being paid as a percentage or on a bonus basis would cripple credibility and integrity.

If opposing counsel was trying to discredit our testimony and they uncovered that we were being paid a percentage or on a bonus basis, that could impugn our credibility as opposed to an hourly fee.

It removes the question that the investigator would be motivated to create an unethical and illegal entrapment situation or manufacture evidence to support the conclusion that would pay us the percentage.

An example from our case files is a corporation being sued by a group who say they were being forced out of business by the parent company. The executive spearheading the deal was suspected of illegally forcing the business associates to acquiesce under orders from the top management. We were able to uncover the documentation to prove the illegal instructions and the case was settled.

Had we agreed to be compensated as a percentage or on a bonus basis, the evidence we provided could have been put in jeopardy- and the case lost.

This situation was a civil case with a large monetary result. But the same holds true in any sort of case like a divorce case or a criminal case. If cell phone forensic evidence or proof of hidden assets in a personal injury case is discredited because of credibility, attorneys and their clients lose, and truth may not be served.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations