Make Smart Choices: Due Diligence or Hidden Assets in Divorce

Private investigators are not relationship counselors – we are fact finders. The main mission of is to provide clients with solid facts and information they need to make informed and smart decisions. We get calls from clients and attorneys during divorce proceedings, especially when a hidden bit of information surfaces like accounts that were not known to both parties or debts that had been hidden. Hiding money in a divorce often begins with hiding money in a marriage. A hidden account investigator begins an asset investigation with a statewide asset search and then a nationwide asset search. We look for: Hidden bank accounts Hidden retirement funds Hidden off shore accounts We try to locate stocks and bonds and other missing assets. But that is all [...]

When do You Need a Hidden Asset Investigator?

Here at , we get asked a lot of questions about what we do and can do. Sometimes it is to help a specific client and sometimes it is just curiosity. Asset Investigation is an area that intrigues people and also an area so many people find themselves thinking they might need help. Hiding assets can occur in many situations, but the primary reasons often center on a separation or divorce and when anyone is thinking they are going to be sued. Lawsuits could be for debts, when someone is found guilty of a crime or negligence or even for business reasons. It really comes down to personal liability and sharing assets. Hiding Money in a Divorce When one spouse does not want to share [...]

Taking Them to Court? Search for Assets First

An attorney for a lady calling herself a reluctant landlord was on the other end of the phone call to . The attorney explained that she was one of the many people who ended up renting out a property she could not sell. That also meant she was not an experienced landlord. She had run a credit check and checked references from prior landlords and the applicant’s job when the tenant first applied. Everything checked out. She didn’t think anything about hidden money or hidden bank accounts – she had no reason. But after six months, the tenant lost her job and in the eighth month, quit paying rent. She learned quickly about the eviction process in her county and about what damage and mess [...]

Suspect Embezzlement? Hire a Personal Asset Search Investigator

We have talked a lot here in the ’ blog about being asked to find hidden assets in divorce situations, but we don’t want you to think that is the only time money is hidden away from the sight of others. Today I want to talk about another instance when we are called in to complete an asset investigation. An attorney representing a business calls when there is suspicion that an employee is embezzling money from their employer. When suspicion is aroused in the company, one of the first calls the company management makes is to their attorney asking for advice on how to handle the situation. When we begin such an investigation we might not be finding unknown accounts or even hidden bank accounts [...]

Discovering Hidden Divorce Assets Can Mean a New Settlement Agreement is Possible

Property division orders can be set aside at times post-divorce. It wasn’t too long ago that such a request was made in the state of New York. In this case, assets divided in divorce included a brokerage account with the infamous Bernie Madoff. The husband, who had given the wife a substantial settlement based on assets held in his name including the Madoff account, claimed that the settlement should be reopened because the assets were worth less than originally claimed. The case was discussed by Gale Burns at National Legal Research GroupAll in Investigations. The divorce decree order was not reopened for a variety of reasons including that the divorce occurred several years before Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was revealed and secondly, unexpected losses after dissolution [...]

Chances are Hidden Assets Aren’t Buried in the Backyard

I almost laughed the other day when I ran across an article providing instructions on how to bury valuables. At first, I thought it would be a humorous piece, and started to share it here in the office. But then we realized that it was a serious, step-by-step guide to squirreling away valuables in the ground so no one could locate hidden assets. Here at , we are known as a top Indiana Asset Search Investigator. We know how to find hidden assets through a statewide asset search as well as a nationwide asset search. We’ve even dabbled across the waters to locate off shore accounts and to find international accounts opened with the purpose of hiding money and other valuables. One thing people don’t [...]

Attorneys Can’t be Experts in Everything Including Hidden Asset Investigation

Here at we work with a lot of attorneys. One thing we can say is that most every attorney we work with wants to do the best job they can for their clients. And they know that they aren’t an expert on every situation that is brought to them – they can’t be because the world is such a broad and diverse place. If an attorney wants to be the best, they have to access all the resources available and many times, what they need is more than the limited resources they have available in-house. Yes, they have libraries and some research staff, but we know we can add immensely to their information to best represent their client. Many of their searches involve asset investigations [...]

Asset Search Uncovers Ruse of Properties Transferred to Business

A search to locate hidden assets is not always linked to divorce proceedings. is often asked to complete an asset investigation to find hidden assets in business situations. Because of our professional standing and expertise, has access to data bases and changes which makes locating hidden assets efficient in both the time and cost involved. Recently we were contacted by a lending organization and asked to see if we could be successful in finding hidden assets they suspected a borrower owned. The company had secured a judgment against the borrower relating to a foreclosure on a piece of property. The borrower was linked to two companies, both of which had been dissolved. Or, at least they had been dissolved administratively through paperwork. The lender asked [...]

Hidden Asset Research Reveals One Lead That Unravels the Entire Scheme

An attorney representing a bank recently contacted to conduct some hidden asset research. He was representing a lending firm. The organization was holding paper on a property that had gone into foreclosure. The lender believed the customer had assets to offset the debt on the property but had hidden them. What was really interesting was that the customer was letting the property be foreclosed upon, but was not filing bankruptcy. The case has been pending for quite some time. Two years ago when the problems started, there was a search undertaken to identify and locate hidden assets. However, nothing was found. But now, two years later, they have asked us to re-investigate to see if we could locate hidden money somewhere. They still suspected there [...]

Courtroom Wins May Rest on Forensic Investigator Credibility

Here at , we provide the truth, reliable facts about matters and answer critical questions so our clients can make informed decisions. We gather information and intelligence on everything from people, hidden assets, computer forensic examination or mobile phone analysis and when it is provided to attorneys and clients, it is documented, verified and ready to go. Go where, you ask? Right into the courtroom. Attorneys appreciate knowing we are experts who can testify and support our testimony. They don’t have to worry because not only is the information about hidden off shore accounts good, the way we work and are paid leaves no opening for opposing counsel. Professional investigators like only work on an hourly basis. Being paid as a percentage or on a [...]

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