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Courtroom Wins May Rest on Forensic Investigator Credibility

Here at , we provide the truth, reliable facts about matters and answer critical questions so our clients can make informed decisions. We gather information and intelligence on everything from people, hidden assets, computer forensic examination or mobile phone analysis and when it is provided to attorneys and clients, it is documented, verified and ready to go. Go where, you ask? Right into the courtroom. Attorneys appreciate knowing we are experts who can testify and support our testimony. They don’t have to worry because not only is the information about hidden off shore accounts good, the way we work and are paid leaves no opening for opposing counsel. Professional investigators like only work on an hourly basis. Being paid as a percentage or on a [...]

Finding Hidden Assets is Like Asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

Every day there is someone coming up with another way they think will be successful in hiding assets from a former spouse, litigants or even their partners. There is a practice becoming more and more common. We call it a “practice” because no matter how often someone does it, it won’t be perfect and eventually, they always get caught. The practice is providing a wrong social security number by switching two of the digits when opening an account. The bad guy figures if he gives an inaccurate social security number, no one will find out – even if someone does an asset investigation searching for hidden bank accounts or stock accounts. But someone WILL find out—it could be an investigator, the attorney or the authorities—and [...]

Asset Investigations and Recovery Make a Difference for Families

Jim (not his real name) was a good guy. He and his wife of 6 years, Cindy (not her real name), had just bought a house and they were busy getting their two children settled into the house and new school. Everyone was doing well. The house was becoming home and the family was starting to turn its attention to the yard. Cindy wanted a mailbox at the street with a flowering vine, so Jim was out at the street’s edge digging out the hard Indiana ground with a spade. In the next moment, their lives changed. A car came around the corner and hit Jim, knocking him off his feet and landing him on the driveway, where he hit his head on the concrete. [...]

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