10 Signs of A Cheating Spouse Can Also be a Wake-up CallAccording to relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carl, 61% of spouses remain in marriages even when they suspect their husbands or wives are having an affair. Sadly, especially among women, they don’t have much beyond vague concerns of marital infidelity or have any evidence of their husband cheating. Don’t allow that to be the way you live your life.

With tools and techniques to investigate cell phone and computer history, and a multitude of other cheating spouse surveillance options, can help you get back your sanity. While you mull over whether you are ready to make that confidential call to our office, here are 10 signs of a cheating spouse, specifically an unfaithful husband:

  1. He is away from home for unexplained reasons. He is vague about his whereabouts and doesn’t answer your calls while he is away.
  2. He has a new cell phone with a privacy lock or he doesn’t make his cell phone records available to you.
  3. He is suddenly carrying a lot more cash than usual.
  4. He is more attentive to his appearance. Maybe he buys new shirts or loses weight, starts working out or wearing cologne when he hadn’t exhibited interest before in these behaviors.
  5. He’s doing simple things differently- from frequently chewing gum to listening to a different radio station or ordering different foods he never ate before.
  6. His use of the computer appears sneaky, such as minimizing screens when you enter the room or erasing his search history or creating a new email account.
  7. He no longer talks on his cell phone in your presence. He goes to another room or even outside to take calls. He starts to text more than usual and then deletes texts.
  8. You catch him in lies. When confronted, he turns things around and accuses you of being crazy.
  9. Sometimes he comes in from work and sits in front of the TV, looking preoccupied or sleepy. Other times, he goes directly to the shower before interacting with anyone.
  10. Occasionally he does his own laundry. Other times, he throws his clothes in the hamper with everyone else’s clothing.

Of course, if you see similarities here, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your spouse is having an extramarital affair, but it does likely mean that you’re concerned. When we have a client say to us, “Follow my husband” or “Follow my wife,” our investigation doesn’t always catch a cheating spouse. We’ve been told it sometimes means it’s time to pay more attention to each other and the marriage.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations