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Child Custody and the “Extramarital Affair King”

One of the most emotionally charged aspects of divorce, many years after the divorce is final, is child custody. In some cases it is used as a way to punish ex-spouses. But in other situations, it is a question of the welfare of the child(ren) that is at stake. When an ex-spouse reaches out to an attorney about those situations, the first thing an attorney must ascertain is whether the child is being played as a pawn between angry exes or if there truly is a case for changing custody rulings. It’s very difficult to prove. So many times it is a case of “he said,” “she said. So, in order to make an accurate determination, attorneys call private investigators like . A child custody [...]

10 Signs of A Cheating Spouse Can Also be a Wake-up Call

According to relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carl, 61% of spouses remain in marriages even when they suspect their husbands or wives are having an affair. Sadly, especially among women, they don’t have much beyond vague concerns of marital infidelity or have any evidence of their husband cheating. Don’t allow that to be the way you live your life. With tools and techniques to investigate cell phone and computer history, and a multitude of other cheating spouse surveillance options, can help you get back your sanity. While you mull over whether you are ready to make that confidential call to our office, here are 10 signs of a cheating spouse, specifically an unfaithful husband: He is away from home for unexplained reasons. He is vague about [...]

Statistics Show That Cheating Spouses Are Common

Because we’re big believers in utilizing as many resources as possible when you find yourself in need of information and facts, we wanted to share the following statistics with you: In 45 % of marriages in America, one or both spouses admit to marital infidelity 57 % of married men admit to being a cheating husband 54 % of married women admit to being a cheating wife 36 % of cheating spouses enter into a secret affair with a co-worker Extramarital affairs occur 36 % of the time during business trips 17 % of cheating spouses are having affairs with their brother or sister-in-laws. The average length of an extramarital affair is two years Only 31 % of marriages recover from infidelity Now if you [...]

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