Statistics Show That Cheating Spouses Are CommonBecause we’re big believers in utilizing as many resources as possible when you find yourself in need of information and facts, we wanted to share the following statistics with you:

  • In 45 % of marriages in America, one or both spouses admit to marital infidelity
  • 57 % of married men admit to being a cheating husband
  • 54 % of married women admit to being a cheating wife
  • 36 % of cheating spouses enter into a secret affair with a co-worker
  • Extramarital affairs occur 36 % of the time during business trips
  • 17 % of cheating spouses are having affairs with their brother or sister-in-laws.
  • The average length of an extramarital affair is two years
  • Only 31 % of marriages recover from infidelity

Now if you happen to be reading this information with a question in your own heart, at least you have some solid statistics to help you understand that you probably wouldn’t be wondering about your marriage if there was no basis for concern. Kind of like that old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” you didn’t just suddenly get up one morning and decide to be preoccupied about the health of your marriage and the fidelity of your partner.

If you have considered the possibility of following your husband or wife, think about the emotional toll that act would take on you- especially if you did happen to catch your cheating spouse. Also keep in mind that cheating spouses put forth a lot of energy into not getting caught. That means that unless you are lucky enough to have a whole team of support, you are not likely to outsmart him or her- no matter how hard you try.

And why put yourself through such drama and trauma when you don’t have the resources that has, to get the job done? Cheating spouse surveillance is best done by an objective third party because it can spiral out of control with all the emotion involved. Call us when you suspect your spouse is having an affair. We understand the desperation and fear that comes with your need to know.

We can employ many different ways to catch a cheating spouse and be your eyes and ears to uncover the truth. And then you can get on with your life.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations