Private-investigator-child-custodyDivorce, Change of Custodial Parent, Infidelity, Abusive Relationships, Grandparent Rights, Internet Relationships are reasons to seek the assistance of a Private Investigator.  Many people or businesses have never had contact with a Private Investigative Company and have been instructed to reach out to a PI by their Attorney or a Friend or Family Member.  Introductions are free and you should never have to pay a consultation fee.  A good PI/Investigative Company will make you feel comfortable when you call, they will ask a lot of questions and also listen to what you have to say.

The first step for a PI is to learn about the Subject and that entails conducting a Background Check.  Background checks are conducted to obtain information that links the Subject and could include a Criminal History; Civil Ligations; Driving histories for the past 10 years; Financial Backgrounds to locate possible hidden assets.  Hidden assets could consist of property or financial accounts.  Surveillances to document activity using video or still shots of the Subject.  Cell Phone and Computer Forensic Analysis’s are helpful when one partner may be suspected of his/her involvement in child pornography or sexual addictions.  In almost every Custody or Domestic Case there are areas of investigations that need to be conducted so that the truth is revealed.

The Investigative Company will make suggestions that will provide the best results for your situation.  They will guide you on what to do and what not to do.  You will be asked to provide as much information as you can regarding the situation, have photos of the Subject, vehicle identification, a date of birth and social security number.  You should be prepared to be asked questions regarding the Subject’s activities to include work schedule, hobbies, and their day to day routine.  You may feel these questions invade your privacy or the privacy of the Subject, but they are necessary to conduct result-oriented investigations.

You may be asked to pay a retainer and should be given an estimate of cost and hours.  Investigation Companies invoice in the same manner as a law firm, they bill by the hour, they charge for mileage and database fees.  You should be given updates throughout the investigation unless your Attorney is the Client to include Attorney Client Privilege.  In that situation, the information is provided to your Attorney and they in return update you.  In either case, you should receive some type of verbal update on the case as it progresses.

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