Personal Injury Investigation Reveals Fake Job and Fake WagesWhen insurance claims are approved and benefits begin, that doesn’t mean the case is closed. Especially if the insurance claims adjuster sees one or more red flags. In that case, an insurance company may hire private insurance fraud investigators for a brief surveillance – maybe a day or two. In that short time frame, the investigator might not uncover any evidence of fraud.  However, many adjusters make a note to revisit the case for a review.

This happens often in suspected workers’ compensation fraud, disability insurance fraud or other sorts of situations that result in personal injury investigations. And what is uncovered in a review can be more intriguing than a made-for-TV movie.

Just this month The Daily Southerner reported on a couple in Tarboro, NC who actually claimed lost wages due to an injury. The couple allegedly made up the company and made up the wages. The injured man was not even employed. It’s hard to lose wages when they don’t exist! The couple was charged with insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretense.

Think of it from this angle: the article stated that an estimated 10 cents of every dollar paid in premiums goes toward the payment of fraudulent claims.

works with insurance companies to uncover insurance fraud. Our investigators’ expertise covers:

  • Workers’ compensation fraud investigation
  • Disability insurance fraud investigation
  • Slip and fall accidents investigation
  • Personal injury investigations including auto bodily injury cases
  • Investigation regarding product liability cases
  • Investigation regarding medical malpractice lawsuits

Confirming information previously received is part of an investigation and that can take time. Along with superb surveillance skills and accurate documentation, information becomes evidence. That is important if the insurance company or client decides to pursue remedy through the court system. Using a professional investigation team ensures the evidence is handled properly and also means there is a professional ready to provide testimony not only to the evidence, but the protocol in the collection of the evidence.

More and more insurance fraud charges are being filed and, when found guilty, restitution is ordered. It takes time and costs money, but in the long run, the company, and its customers benefit.

When you need the truth, is ready to take the steps to find it.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations