Personal injury fraud

Vehicle Accident Investigation Collects Facts for Decisions

When you think of an automobile insurance claim, you probably think of a police report and an insurance claim. You probably don’t think of reasons why a firm like might be hired for a vehicle accident investigation, do you? Here is an example of why attorneys (and their clients) call : There was an automobile accident and it was determined that the driver of one of the vehicles was responsible for causing the crash. That person died. That driver had injury insurance, but the injuries sustained by the person in the other car exceeded the coverage. In this case, the injured driver wanted to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver to cover the remaining medical expenses. Their attorney contacted us to see if that [...]

Personal Injury Investigation Reveals Fake Job and Fake Wages

When insurance claims are approved and benefits begin, that doesn’t mean the case is closed. Especially if the insurance claims adjuster sees one or more red flags. In that case, an insurance company may hire private insurance fraud investigators for a brief surveillance – maybe a day or two. In that short time frame, the investigator might not uncover any evidence of fraud.  However, many adjusters make a note to revisit the case for a review. This happens often in suspected workers’ compensation fraud, disability insurance fraud or other sorts of situations that result in personal injury investigations. And what is uncovered in a review can be more intriguing than a made-for-TV movie. Just this month The Daily Southerner reported on a couple in Tarboro, [...]

Staged Accidents Cost Big Money in Insurance Fraud

is seeing a growing incidence of insurance fraud, specifically, in auto bodily injury (ABI) cases. Part of the increase in claims is due to contrived accidents, which are also called set up auto accidents or staged accidents. These accidents involve a large number of people – both “victims” and service providers (car repairs, doctors, chiropractors) – and cost insurance consumers billions of dollars in increased premiums. The way it works is this: Several vehicles, say up to 10, are hired. The drivers of the vehicles and their passengers are paid a stated amount (could be $1,000 - $2,000) to participate. They drive in a pack on the highway, box in a car and cause an accident. Often that is stopping suddenly in front of the [...]

Insurance Fraud Investigators Supply Evidence for Trials

Sometimes when is conducting an investigation on the subject in a potentially fraudulent insurance claim, the result of the evidence can be more than a simple claim denial. Sometimes there is the potential for criminal charges. This is true in many insurance fraud investigations including: Workers compensation fraud investigations Long term disability fraud investigations Auto bodily injury fraud investigations Personal injury fraud investigations or slip and fall fraud investigations Product liability fraud investigations Our investigators know that every case has to be handled as if the data we collect would be used in a court of law. That includes not only videotaped data, computer or cell phone data extracted during a forensics analysis but any other type of information or evidence collected as well. Therefore, [...]

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