Vehicle Accident Investigation Collects Facts for DecisionsWhen you think of an automobile insurance claim, you probably think of a police report and an insurance claim. You probably don’t think of reasons why a firm like might be hired for a vehicle accident investigation, do you?

Here is an example of why attorneys (and their clients) call :

There was an automobile accident and it was determined that the driver of one of the vehicles was responsible for causing the crash. That person died. That driver had injury insurance, but the injuries sustained by the person in the other car exceeded the coverage.

In this case, the injured driver wanted to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver to cover the remaining medical expenses. Their attorney contacted us to see if that was a viable case. Meaning if the lawsuit was won was there a reasonable expectation for the injured party to receive any compensation?

This is a common practice for attorneys. In order to advise their clients, they need information. Good attorneys collect the information needed and know the answers before questions are asked. It’s often said that attorneys are only as good as the information they have. If there is little chance of getting any of the amounts awarded by the court, what is the point in generating expenses for the injured party?

was hired to undertake a vehicle accident investigation including the circumstances surrounding the responsible driver and the accident. Often in the case of slip and fall accidents the person falling is either an employee (worker’s compensation claim) or a visitor in a business and that brings a business into the claim investigation.

As a personal injury investigator, we were able to determine that the accident occurred while the driver was working. That meant that not only was the driver liable for causing the accident, the company may have some responsibility as well. If so, the injured party might be able to file a claim against the business’s insurance.

You never know what turns up during personal injury investigations. But in order to make good decisions, the facts are the best thing to rely on.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations