Make Smart Choices-Due Diligence or Hidden Assets in DivorcePrivate investigators are not relationship counselors – we are fact finders. The main mission of is to provide clients with solid facts and information they need to make informed and smart decisions.

We get calls from clients and attorneys during divorce proceedings, especially when a hidden bit of information surfaces like accounts that were not known to both parties or debts that had been hidden. Hiding money in a divorce often begins with hiding money in a marriage.

A hidden account investigator begins an asset investigation with a statewide asset search and then a nationwide asset search. We look for:

  • Hidden bank accounts
  • Hidden retirement funds
  • Hidden off shore accounts

We try to locate stocks and bonds and other missing assets. But that is all after the fact and takes time and persistence.

A background check BEFORE the marriage may change the outcome. It is becoming more common to get calls asking for a background check for a potential partner – in both the personal and professional life of citizens. It may not sound warm and fuzzy, but honesty and clear thinking are not always involved in saying, “yes!” to that proposal. It is especially important when children are involved from prior relationships. A less than sparkling credit report or a list of legal actions like lawsuits, foreclosures, arrests or liens might bring up some questions a potential spouse might want to know before speaking those vows.

Officially, it’s called doing due diligence. And a due diligence investigation can be as in-depth as the client requests. Due diligences services are performed with the subject’s consent in writing. It might be a touchy conversation requesting that consent, but avoiding it could lead to a much more unpleasant – and costly – situation in the future.

Everyone wants to make good decisions because everyone wants the best outcome. Getting all the facts in the first place gives you a better chance.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations