Just an Average JoePatty was in her 70’s, divorced for over 15 years and had been married for 35 when she contacted . Her personality made us smile and realize life doesn’t end because you are in your golden years, sometimes it can be the beginning.

Patty met George through a mutual friend who thought it might be nice if they could have dinner together, maybe a movie or two or just someone to have a conversation with. That’s how it all started she told us. He was handsome, in his early 70’s, had lost his wife so long ago he couldn’t remember the year, but knew he could never find anyone that could hold a candle to her or her memory. Patty was intrigued with his life as she had been through a bitter divorce had to fight to get what she deserved she knew basically anybody could have stepped in and taken her ex-husband’s place with ease; maybe without even trying as he was easily replaceable. Patty listened intently to George’s marriage stories and was in awe with his words of respect and gratitude towards this lady she never met, but felt sure she would have liked to of known.

As the days progressed, Patty and George grew to be friends, they laughed at life’s battles of pain, injures sustained through their own clumsiness and sometimes drank coffee till the wee hours of the morning forgetting the time and mostly their age. Life was good for Patty and the days appeared to be full of sunshine instead of the dark clouds she had lived under for so long.

George dressed nicely, he drove a newer model car and appeared to be a man with finesse, and one she was proud to spend time with. They attended many functions together and he always came to her house to pick her up and opened the door for her and reminded her how beautiful she looked every time they saw each other. Yes, Patty finally met someone with whom she was felt comfortable being around and from her point of view, he felt the same.

The days turned to months and they had experienced the different seasons together, spring, summer, fall and the approaching winter months when George suggested he leave a few things at her house just in case the weather got bad and he couldn’t drive home. He had already left a couple of his sweaters, a few items that had been in the trunk of his car when they went on a day trip together, but nothing more. Patty was a bit taken back, but agreed to think about it.

When she told her children of his suggestion, they immediately believed George was after more than time and placing a few personal items at their mother’s house. That led her to .

After hearing her story, we suggested she conduct some due diligence before making any decision on George. A background investigation could give them a clearer picture of the man spending time with their mom and maybe put their minds at ease. To conduct a due diligence investigation would provide all interested parties with the truth about George. Patty never visited his house, they didn’t hang out with his family or friends and they always shared expenses whenever they went out. This didn’t seem to bother Patty, but now she began to wonder if he was hiding anything. So we began with obtaining a criminal background search; he had never been arrested, he didn’t even have a speeding ticket. Then we conducted a civil litigation search with negative results. We conducted a social media search and learned George wasn’t linked to any social media sites. We did obtain his home address and he was listed with the assessor’s office as the owner for over 50 years. It was a small modest home that was in need of repairs, but he owed nothing on it and his taxes were current. As a private investigator we felt there must be something George was hiding, but we could find nothing. He was just a 70 plus year old man who happened to meet a 70 plus year old woman with no baggage, no kids and no family, so the opportunity to share time with Patty was invaluable to him and all he wanted was to be with her and to be safe.

Patty provided our report not only to her children, but to George and she told us he smiled at the results and told her he was just an average Joe.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations