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Turn it Off and Stash it in a Drawer to Prevent Cell Phone Spying

My friend recently had a meeting with her attorney. I don’t know what they needed to discuss – we never talked about that. We did talk about the Cell Phone Policy her attorney had adopted and required everyone in the office – including clients – to adhere to. Because of the escalating incidence of cell phone surveillance and cell phone spying, the firm adopted the policy. Every cell phone that came into the office had to be turned off and left locked in a designated cabinet during all visits and consultations. No active cell phone moved past the receptionist’s desk. Here at we understand why the legal firm has taken the stand. We see the increase in mobile device forensics brought on by the ease [...]

Hidden Asset Search Investigator Plays Big Part in Divorce Cases

In our many years providing asset investigations and recovery services for attorneys and their clients, has accumulated volumes of experience and knowledge. That’s why we are known as a premier Indiana asset search investigator. One of the reasons attorneys are quick to call us when they see assets in divorce is because we are experts in all the ways spouses try hiding money in a divorce. According to, 80% of divorces involve one spouse who is actively seeking the divorce while the other spouse does not want to dissolve the marriage. Guess which one of those people will react with anger and resentment. Yes, it is most often the person who is being left behind. Maybe it’s just human nature to show your worst [...]

Would a Bug Sweep of your Business Uncover any Spy Equipment?

Just like an average citizen might ask who would want anything from them enough to take the time to engage in cell phone tapping, businesses across the nation might ask who would install eavesdropping devices or engage in electronic surveillance in their organizations. The answer is evident in a report from the National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX). The report says that foreign spies account for economic espionage costing “the United States economy as much as $400 billion or more per year.” Some say that is grossly understated. Now that’s BIG BUSINESS – and not the kind U.S. business wants to see. Is your business being targeted? Corporate secrets and intellectual property are highly valued by competitors and years of research and development could be wiped out [...]

Divorce and Children: Investigations of Marital Infidelity Used in Child Custody Decisions

What starts with a request from one spouse for to find proof of a cheating spouse or other marital infidelity often expands into another area: child custody. The requests to find evidence of an extramarital affair by an unfaithful wife or unfaithful husband continue to surge, which is why we have much experience in this area. Many times, one spouse is already talking with an attorney and they already believe there have been signs of an affair and just need evidence. Other times, it is not a secret affair or a desire to catch a cheating spouse. It could be financial or personal infidelity. Little (or not so little) lies or secrecy surrounding finances or activities could be the impetus for surveillance as well. And [...]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) provides security – in more ways than one!

Many companies have Intellectual Property Protection insurance for protection. But insurance is only good after a theft or breach of confidential or proprietary information. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to prevent a loss before it happens? When a business hires to do a bug sweep, or more precisely, TSCM, it’s because they want to be proactive and protect proprietary corporate information from being leaked or lost. The TSCM process includes acting as a bug detector, revealing eavesdropping devices and spy equipment. But the actual bug detection services do much more. The benefits to a company or organization are much broader: Protection of damage to income and profits Continued viability of business strategy and processes Security of intellectual property Privacy, both corporate and personal is [...]

Keeping Track of Employees with Computer Forensics? You Betcha!

Employers don’t often think they really need the help of a computer forensics consultant or a computer investigation in the normal course of business. However, when something just doesn’t seem “right” it pays to listen to your gut carefully. Case in point is a story recently reported by NPR. What began as a hint that the computer infrastructure was being hacked by someone in China illuminated a scheme perpetrated by a worker. It seems the employee had outsourced his own work to a sub-contractor in China. Yes, you read that correctly. His job responsibilities for software development were being handled by someone in China – while he was earning a six-figure income! He was also reputed to be “the best developer in the building.” While [...]

TSCM Ensures a Gift is Sincere, Not an Eavesdropping Device

With the door to technology wide open, some people think the days of phone tapping and other spy listening devices are over. They think that all covert surveillance is computer surveillance or cell phone tapping. Let me be the first to tell you, that’s not true – in the least. The stereotypical covert operation to plant eavesdropping devices still happens, but spy equipment could just as easily be carried into your offices in the hands of a presumed “friend.” A great example is a comment I caught in an article I was recently reading about gifts that business people receive. The caution was to beware of gifts from business associates or acquaintances of items that you would keep in your office – something framed or [...]

Child Custody and the Unfaithful Wife

You were married and had children. You never thought it was even in your vocabulary to be asking someone to “follow my wife” or considered you have a wife cheating on you. But here you are talking to an attorney about your suspicions about a cheating spouse. He’s asking whether or not you have seen signs of a cheating spouse and all the ways to catch a cheating spouse. You feel numb and you know your eyes are glazing over – because while you loved that woman, your heart aches for your children. If divorce is inevitable, your home life will change drastically and so will the life you have worked so hard to build for your children. All of a sudden, child custody is [...]

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