In our many years providing asset investigations and recovery services for attorneys and their clients, has accumulated volumes of experience and knowledge. That’s why we are known as a premier Indiana asset search investigator. One of the reasons attorneys are quick to call us when they see assets in divorce is because we are experts in all the ways spouses try hiding money in a divorce.

According to, 80% of divorces involve one spouse who is actively seeking the divorce while the other spouse does not want to dissolve the marriage. Guess which one of those people will react with anger and resentment. Yes, it is most often the person who is being left behind. Maybe it’s just human nature to show your worst traits when you are angry and hurt, but for whatever reason, the spouse who feels rejected may engage in some not-so-honest behaviors, like moving assets into hidden bank accounts or even hoarding hidden money in a box in the garage.

Other tactics can include:

  • Moving money from an individual account to the account of a good friend or trusted family member
  • Switching names on property deeds and vehicle titles
  • Wiring money overseas to a foreign bank

Divorce laws for the division of marital property vary from state to state. In the Hoosier state, the expectation in a divorce is to split the marital property right down the middle.

Whether you call him a divorce asset investigator or a hidden asset search investigator, his services in asset investigation is becoming a common practice in divorce settlements. Here at , we are frequently asked to:

  • Locate hidden bank accounts
  • Locate hidden money
  • Locate hidden stocks and bonds
  • Locate off shore accounts
  • Locate retirement funds

With the staggering statistic that 95% of divorces are settled out of court, divorce cases likely result first in mediation, with the understanding that failure to reach an agreement in mediation means that a court date will be set.

In either case, every soon-to-be ex wants to know that the division of marital assets is fair to them. If there is a chance that there are unknown assets, hiring an expert to conduct an asset investigation will reduce the chance that either party is treated unfairly.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations