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Dirty Little Secrets Hidden on Cell Phones

Some people are very protective of their information on the cellular devices. In many cases, marriages end by them. I’m not talking about too much texting or surfing, I’m referring to those secret texts and emails, along with photos. If your spouse is hiding his or her phone from you, or has it password protected and you can’t gain access to it, there is a reason. Either they are required if it is an employer issued device or they are hiding something they just don’t want you to see. Let’s say you get access to their phone, you even have done some private investigation and learned their passcode and you still don’t see anything incriminating on the phone, but you know they are up to [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Can Be Your Best Friend When You are Accused of a Crime

Working with attorneys to help them build cases for their clients is an everyday experience for . We deal in the truth and there are two reasons attorneys look to us: They are trying to gather facts that prove their client’s innocence or create doubt as to guilt They are trying to gather information to understand the client’s situation better and be ready to defend with facts One case that illustrates why attorneys use investigators so often included a cell phone investigation. The attorney’s client, Ralph*, was accused of robbing a convenience store. This wasn’t a case of cell phone hack detection or cell phone spying, it was the facts that the cell phone device could supply that was needed. Most people are aware that [...]

The Complexity of Cellular Tower Triangulation Affects Accuracy of Evidence

There is a lot of consternation about the accuracy of forensic cell tower evidence. Over the last several years courts have ruled that evidence submitted by authorities has not been precise or correct and people were wrongfully convicted. Here at , our cellular forensics experts would agree that the accuracy of cellular tower triangulation to determine location of cell phones at a given time is a complex business. There are few cut and dried if-then scenarios. For one thing, service providers are not consistent in the algorithms and directions for switching customers’ phones from one tower to another. Nor are they too forthcoming in sharing and explaining their processes. That’s one of the reasons professionals have to be knowledgeable and experienced – just to know [...]

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