The Complexity of Cellular Tower Triangulation Affects Accuracy of EvidenceThere is a lot of consternation about the accuracy of forensic cell tower evidence. Over the last several years courts have ruled that evidence submitted by authorities has not been precise or correct and people were wrongfully convicted.

Here at , our cellular forensics experts would agree that the accuracy of cellular tower triangulation to determine location of cell phones at a given time is a complex business. There are few cut and dried if-then scenarios.

For one thing, service providers are not consistent in the algorithms and directions for switching customers’ phones from one tower to another. Nor are they too forthcoming in sharing and explaining their processes. That’s one of the reasons professionals have to be knowledgeable and experienced – just to know that these variables exist.

Cell tower location and cell tower tracking can vary from one tower to the next as well. The range and radius of signal strength and even the directionality of the signal all come into play.

So, yes, there are many spots where a cellular tower triangulation investigation can go awry. Don’t just assume and accept the expertise of an investigator. Do your due diligence. Attorneys know who to go to when they need reliable evidence and investigative services.

works with many attorneys, in Indianapolis and across the nation, who know they can rely on the expertise of the forensic cellular evidence our expert investigators supply, especially when it comes to cell phone tracking and forensic mobile services.

When your case depends on accurate, honest facts, be sure you are getting the best investigative services available.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations