Dirty Little Secrets Hidden on Cell PhonesSome people are very protective of their information on the cellular devices. In many cases, marriages end by them. I’m not talking about too much texting or surfing, I’m referring to those secret texts and emails, along with photos. If your spouse is hiding his or her phone from you, or has it password protected and you can’t gain access to it, there is a reason. Either they are required if it is an employer issued device or they are hiding something they just don’t want you to see.

Let’s say you get access to their phone, you even have done some private investigation and learned their passcode and you still don’t see anything incriminating on the phone, but you know they are up to something either personally or professionally.

There are many applications that can hide information, while not being specific or advertising for them, there is an application that is disguised as a popular application already on your phone. To access it, you have to have a password and sometimes for double protection, you are forced to shake the device to open the app. The app allows for video and photos to be stored in a separate location other than the photo app or video app on the phone, out of sight of anyone who is unaware of theis feature. This isn’t the only app that can hide information, there are many out there for whatever you want to hide to the layman.

Face value, isn’t always face value, there’s something to say about intuition and that’s why you should reach out to the Pros, like . We have the capabilities of forensically extracting data from a phone even though it is hidden within an application designed to disguise it.

There are protocols for such requests, but if it is a legitimate reason, and or ordered by the court, we will be able to provide all information, even deleted information if it hasn’t been written over. Trying to hide, delete or disguise information isn’t always possible, but if you suspect some hidden information that could help you, give , a call.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations