Women are frequently very passive in their marriages, allowing the husbands to “call the shots” financially. And very often, women find themselves in the dark regarding family finances. If you anticipate divorce or you are already in the midst of filing or being served with divorce proceedings, this is absolutely NOT the time to sit back and believe whatever is said. Though the end of a marriage is highly emotional, it can be financially devastating, too.

When it comes to financial settlements and property division, it’s not uncommon for spouses to try to hide assets in divorce. This is the time for you to take action to uncover unknown assets or missing assets.

has a vast array of resources to find hidden assets. Asset investigation looks to locate hidden bank accounts, hidden retirement funds and even finding international accounts.

These are some of the types of situations we uncover during a personal asset search or business asset search when spouses are hiding money in divorce:

  • lines of credit or property ownership that do not include both spouses’ names
  • one spouse has possibly repaid a phony or fake debt to a friend or family member in an effort to keep hidden money from you
  • Business owners can also hide money by paying wages to non-existent employees
  • We may be able to locate hidden bank accounts set up as custodial accounts in children’s names. A red flag is if those children are not born to the two of you. The money could be legitimately set aside for college, but it could also be a ploy hiding money in a divorce.
  • Known and unknown bank accounts can be analyzed for substantial purchases and unknown assets you may not know about

The results of an asset investigation are turned over to your attorney. With the facts, you and your attorney can make decisions. If your soon-to-be-ex signs legal paperwork that he is, indeed, offering all financial information but you have proof otherwise, it can be dealt with legally.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations