Truck DriverComputers are a part of every segment of our lives – from choosing a restaurant or moving and getting the route to get there on time to doing our work in an office, restaurant or on the road in our cars or vans.

That is why computer forensics investigations are becoming more the norm than a specialty during investigations of all sorts. Computer forensics companies like are prepared to undertake inquiries in every industry and situation.

A recent case demonstrates the spectrum of cases in which digital forensics can used.  Computer forensics investigators applied their skills in an investigation of a semi-truck driver. There were discrepancies in the weight records and the shipment manifests.

The company replaced the computer in his tractor with a new one and the computer forensics specialist ran a computer data forensics recovery and analysis. One of the files recovered, which the driver had previously deleted, had been used to create manifests and other documents. This was not the program provided by his employer or connected with the company’s system. In a computer forensics investigation, many deleted files are recoverable and provide the evidence to break the case open.

After this information was reported back to the employer, additional steps were taken and in the end, the driver was arrested. During an inspection, it was discovered that he was in possession of a large amount of marijuana in the trailer of his rig. After arrest and questioning, the employer’s suspicions were validated as he confessed to routinely hauling drugs.

When things don’t add up, there is probably a reason. And the evidence to uncover the reason – and the truth – is probably stored in a computer somewhere. A computer forensic examination could be more illuminating than you first thought.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations