Bank_of_America_LogoComputer forensics investigations are not just about catching individual employees or spouses or scammers doing wrong, a computer forensic examination can also be used to support the claims of whistleblowers.

Just recently an article in which whistle-blowing employees of a big bank exposed a culture where they claim, “We were told to lie” and that the culture was rampant from the top down.

Because has been on the forefront of computer forensics, we know the amount of evidence that is thought to be available in their computers is massive. If an investigation is begun, computer forensics electronic discovery is expected to be employed to capture files including emails, reports and evaluations. With the amount of data to be collected, even with the authorities involved, they might have to contract other computer forensics companies to help process all of it.

The employees say that the bank purposefully refused to modify loans and that the computer systems showed homeowners had complied with the requirements and were entitled to a loan modification. In a situation like this, a computer forensics investigation would have to include systems, records and communications.

Some industries, such as medical, financial and insurance, are required to maintain archives of records for a period of time. That would prevent a company from wiping out records like happens in some businesses. What the people trying to delete files don’t usually understand is that in the course of a computer investigation, a computer forensic specialist is able to find files that someone attempted to delete.

Computer forensic analysis is more main stream than ever before. Attorneys are routinely requesting the services of a computer forensics investigator. Computers have become such an integral part of daily life, especially in the United States, that the information that is shared and housed reveals a great deal about the person using it and so becomes evidence of activity and intent. When that happens, having the availability of a computer forensic expert witness is equally as important for court.

Good attorneys know the answers before they ask the questions – computer forensic investigations help provide the answers.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations