Suspicions Lead to Fruitful Bug DetectionWe had a client who had taken on a special, highly confidential project at work. The reason he called was because he was concerned about inadvertently leaking information. He kept asking “Is my phone tapped?” He wasn’t paranoid, but suspicious.

What made him suspicious?

  • Electronic devices were acting “weird” and although he said he had an electric personality, these odd sounds and happenings had never happened before. He described some of them:
  • His AM/FM car radio had developed interference on several stations that had been previously clear. This could be the case of an eavesdropper since antennas can be exploited by eavesdroppers.
  • Sounds were coming from his office phone line when it was not in use.
  • Sometimes his office phone would ring and no one would be there or a high-pitched squeal would sound – but only for a second and then it would be gone.
  • Even the radio and television at home had developed some interference and he didn’t know why the sudden change had occurred.

Phone taps are not the only spy listening devices to be concerned about. In fact, cell phone tapping and phone tapping devices are only one of many different audio hijack possibilities.

Our solution was a TSCM sweep. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) are called for when someone suspects covert surveillance or listening devices have been installed in their home, office or even in a vehicle.

The reason he was having interference and signal disruption on his radios and television was that a listening device was indeed near the electronics. Counter surveillance equipment is highly sophisticated and identifies frequencies that are generally not audible to humans.

Once we were able to complete the bug detection, his suspicions proved right on the money. The TSCM services located a spy listening device in his office, in his home and even in his car.

TSCM makes spy detection quick and easy. The client said he was going to finish this project as quickly as possible because he wasn’t keen on having spy equipment pointed at him. But at least he knew he had eliminated the potential threats.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations