WARNING!!!! Cell phones can be used as bugs or can be bugged. We have identified multiple foreign suppliers: Israel, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, India, China, etc., who market ordinary home/office furnishings which conceal cellphone bugs. Example: lamps, electric clocks, clock radios, shreaders, computer monitors, electric pencil sharpners, etc., almost anything that has an electrical cord. These devices can be called from any phone in the world and the perpetrator can eavesdrop on your private conversations. This is absolutely illegal in the US and most other civilized nations. These devices can be ordered overseas and 99% slip past our Customs. This is a huge threat because the vast majority of “bug detectors” can’t find them, especially when they are “asleep”. Even when they are active, you can’t differentiate it from other normal cellphone signals. It requires a highly professional TSCM sweep team to find them. Another threat that we have found concerns your standard cell phone. Some of the “Bad Guys” out there have discovered a way to learn your ESN number (electronic seriel number) and clone their phone with that number. Then they can remotely change the software on your phone so that when you make or receive a call, your cellphone sends a text message to their phone. Then they can listen. When your cellphone is on “standby” they can call it and listen to the surrounding conversations without it ringing or alerting you. Your only prevention is to turn your cellphone off or better yet, take the battery out. This type of eavesdropping is obviously highly illegal, but so is car theft and a car is stolen every 8 seconds in the US. We don’t know to what extent this illegal monitoring is being perpetrated because it is rarely discovered.

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