In a new age of instant communication and connectivity, the ability of third parties to listen, log in, or peek into our corporate and private lives is getting more powerful and more likely with each passing day. That's why, says an Indianapolis based company, we'll be hearing much more about TSCM (Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures) in the near future.

The average person wouldn't likely know what TSCM stands for technical surveillance and countermeasures, says Tim Wilcox, President of Indianapolis-based All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) That's insider jargon for professionally detecting all manners of bugs, devices and surveillance equipment that's getting more sophisticated every day. We use TSCM to protect the interests of companies and people who suspect they're being watched or monitored in some way.

No longer the stuff of spy movies and action-adventure television, surveillance technology poses a real and dangerous threat to corporations and private individuals, largely because the equipment that allows surveillance is becoming more accessible to the general public. All I can tell you is that where there's a will, there's a way. That's why it's so important to bring the latest detection technology to your table, along with people who know how to use it.

Though illegal in almost all instances, hidden cameras, cell-phone bugs, micro-transmitters, even covert surveillance of on-line and internet activity, have become potential tools for those wanting to get in the know by any means necessary.

With 50 years of experience in the surveillance industry, Wilcox anticipates the need for their TSCM service to expand incrementally.