When it comes to making or breaking a case in today's legal system, litigants from both sides of the legal aisle often call upon third party agencies for legal investigations that dig deeper to see that justice is done. An independent legal investigation often reveals information critical to one side making or breaking a case.

Mistakes happen. Sometimes law enforcement and prosecutors neglect or ignore leads that our instincts tell us to pursue, says Tim Wilcox, President of Indianapolis-based All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) We've helped to prepare cases for prosecution that may not have been pursued otherwise.

Wilcox's company has undertaken legal investigations for both prosecuting and defense attorneys in cases that range from product liability and white collar crime, to workman's comp fraud and criminal defense. The firms human assets conduct operations locally, regionally, nationally or internationally as the scope of the legal investigation demands.

It's a question of resources and experience two things we have in great supply here, Wilcox adds. Our vast array of resources enables us to conduct a legal investigation that meets the requirements of each litigation or criminal arena. And we always conduct our legal investigations under the tacit understanding that our results may be used in a court of law.

International Investigators works with law firms, corporate legal departments, and can even provide forensic legal investigation assistance should the need arise. The experts we use, from our global legal investigation resources right down to our expert witnesses, are the best in the business, says Wilcox. It's difference that can make all the difference when prosecuting or defending a case in court.

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