On television, crime dramas, legal shows, and programs about forensic investigators solving difficult crimes seem to imply that serious investigations with experienced private investigators only happen in New York, Miami, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. But for Indianapolis-based All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators), nothing could be further from the truth.

"We are a full-service investigative firm comprised of a team of full-time professional Indiana investigators with access to local operatives in over 70 nations worldwide." said Tim Wilcox, President of All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) As the leading privately-held international investigative firm in Indiana, International Investigators believes a Midwestern perspective has significant advantages in both price and location.

"Our success and longevity is primarily due to providing superior, personalized services at Midwestern pricing standards," Wilcox added. Formed in 1960 by former FBI agents, Wilcox`s company is a full-service private investigation firm presently staffed by former Indianapolis police investigators, private investigators and government agents, as well as current police department detectives who assist the company on an as-needed basis while off-duty. "Full service means just that - we deliver vast investigative experience for legal, corporate, private and forensic investigations, as well deliver real results with technical surveillance countermeasures that help businesses and individuals protect themselves against fraud and espionage," added Wilcox. The company handles the casework using its staff of Indiana investigators from its home base in Indianapolis, yet offers national and international resources via local operatives based in over 70 nations worldwide.

"Unlike other Indianapolis investigators, we are international, and not limited to conducting private investigations near our company`s home base," said Wilcox. For more information about Indiana private investigators based in Indianapolis and the national and international reach of the International Investigators team, please visit www.iiiweb.net.