For people who need to keep track of other people or things, GPS (global positioning satellite) technology is now a powerful tool for private investigations. Whether it's a subject on parole, a person restricted to a certain region via house arrest or restraining order, or simply an item or person that's part of a larger investigation, one Indianapolis-based company insists that GPS tracking and GPS locators are no longer a technology to be afraid of.

"GPS tracking is a powerful, easy, remote method for keeping track of a vehicle and/or item as it travels anywhere throughout North America," says Tim Wilcox, President of Indianapolis-based All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) "From the comfort of your own home or office, you can actually conduct your own surveillance and pinpoint the exact location of your subject or item to within 50 feet using our web-based GPS satellite interface."

Wilcox points to investigations involving sensitive documents and packages, as well as situations where the exact location of a subject is critical as examples of how GPS tracking can aid in investigative or surveillance activities. "In situations where your safety might be at risk, GPS tracking is indispensable because it can be programmed to notify your cellular telephone when the subject is within a certain proximity to a predetermined location," adds Wilcox.

International Investigators has been a specialist high-tech surveillance and investigative technology for over 50 years - and promises a comfort level with GPS locator and tracking technology that eliminates the need for significant education in GPS technology in favor of simply having an internet connection and a cellphone. "Our technical experts can design, prepare and install a GPS tracking system for a vehicle or an item that matches the demands of your situation - one that integrates with the technology most people use every day." Wilcox says.

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