The cost of shrinkage corporate losses due to employee theft, inventory loss, abuses of benefits and embezzlement is a fact of life in todays business world; reducing bottom line profits by an average of four percent. It doesn't have to be that way, says one Indianapolis Investigation firm specializing in embezzlement investigations and embezzlement research designed to ferret out internal thieves and advantage-takers.

In the United States, many companies build the cost of shrinkage into their overhead, passing the cost along to consumers. In highly competitive industries however, the company has to simply absorb the loss, says Tim Wilcox, President of Indianapolis-based All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) Embezzlement investigations and undercover operations are an effective deterrent to more kinds of theft than you can imagine.

Wilcox sample list of corporate malfeasance is long and detailed, and includes employees who steal inventory, abuse insurance benefits and sick days, violate intellectual property regulations, virtually any act committed by an employee that affects the bottom line through unexplained losses. Other costly problems include workplace substance abuse, OSHA violations, even abusive supervisors all contribute to loss, and in effect are a form of corporate embezzlement.

Undercover operations are particularly effective when it comes to controlling shrinkage. You need an inside out perspective on how employees are taking advantage of the system in place, adds Wilcox, whose firm has investigated thousands of cases in its forty-seven year history.

Embezzlement investigations and embezzlement research includes undercover operations, but thats not a company's only defense against shrinkage International Investigators can sweep for surreptitiously placed bugs and listening devices, investigate electronic activities, and follow computer paper trails anything that leads to the discovery of unexplained loss within an organization.

White collar crime is far more prevalent than blue collar crime. Shrinkage is a fact of life for almost every company in the nation. Reducing that cost is where we come in. says Wilcox.

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