Tracking of stolen goods has now gone cellular, thanks to one Indianapolis-based private investigative firm. Now, merchants of bulk items and popular goods hard hit by employee or external theft, have a secretively small, highly effective method of tracking and tracing stolen goods to their nefarious possessors.

Actual surveillance like video or photo cameras are still passive, ultimately. They can't follow the bad guys after a theft has been made, said Tim Wilcox, President of Indianapolis-based All In Investigations, Inc. (formerly International Investigators) Our stealth tracking method can place a virtually unnoticeable, cellular-based tracking device within packaging, distributed bundles, or complete pallets of high-value, previously targeted items.

Smaller than even the smallest of cellular handsets, the devices are hidden in previously targeted or valuable, high-target goods, and remain passively hidden. If stolen, the unit is pinged by a signal from the Indianapolis investigator, allowing the stealth tracker to send back its general location via text message using a secret triangulation method using cellular phone towers, Wilcox claims.

If a theft occurs with one of our units in play, the rightful owner lets us know and we can ping the unit with a signal, said Wilcox. The unit response gives us a fix within 50 to 100 meters of where the stolen item is being stored. We can send law enforcement to the area and then signal the hidden unit to emit a loud, piercing whistle one that gives the law both an accurate product location, and more importantly, probable cause for further investigation; including grounds for a search warrant.

The Indianapolis investigator went on to describe the versatility of the stealth tracking units, which are equipped with acoustic sensors, motion sensors, passive infrared detection and more, giving a merchant client a number of ways to keep track of the inventory they value the most in the event of a theft.

Wilcox claims the service is cost-effective when compared against the potential loss of valuable product. Once the stealth units are paid for, the only cost to the business is when the unit itself is communicated with, said Wilcox. The only time we respond is when the product has likely been stolen so not only are we trying to recover stolen inventory, we 're targeting bad guys who cost lots of businesses money.

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