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Insurance companies from both the Life and Health, and Property and Casualty arenas consistently refer their adjusters to International Investigators for the investigation of suspected fraudulent claims. Having worked with insurance companies for over 45 years, we are familiar with the nature and purpose of all varieties of claims investigations. Call (317) 925-1496 today.

While determination of claims fraud is typically the primary purpose of initiating a private investigation, International Investigators understands that this is not always the insurance adjusters' intent. We are the preferred service provider of investigations among insurance companies because of our understanding of the full claims process. Especially in the case of new claims, we realize that adjusters often simply require well-conducted initial inquiries at a reasonable cost in order to determine a claim's validity.
Based upon the insurance company's requirements, the result of such preliminary inquiries may determine whether or not a full fraud investigation is necessary for a new claim.

In cases of either newly submitted claims or questionable claims, we are able to provide services tailored to the needs of each particular insurance company and claim situation. Our understanding of the claims process benefits insurance adjusters and examiners because we can provide recommendations for services and assist in devising subsequent approaches following preliminary efforts in the event further investigation is warranted. Often with new claims, we may be able to advise if subrogation is a possibility.

Investigative services commonly performed for insurance claim adjusters include:
  • Surveillance
  • Activity checks
  • Claimant background investigation
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Retrieval of ambulance, police and fire department records
  • Claimant and witness interviews
  • Obtain signed medical release
  • Locate witnesses
  • Subrogation research
  • Equipment or scene photos, video, diagrams and measurements
Insurance Company Fraud, Bogus Claims Under Investigations — Private Investigation in Indianapolis, IN

Digital Forensics Techniques

Wondering what tools and technologies help us do our work? International Investigators uses highly sophisticated software combined with state of the art hardware to allow our Forensic Examination Team to thoroughly extract and process critical data from virtually any digital data storage device.

Contestable Death Claims

While it is primarily insurance companies who utilize the death investigation services of International Investigators, we are also commonly consulted by private individuals regarding suspicious death claims.

Disability Claims

We realize that fraud is not always the focus of disability claim investigations.

Missing Person and Skip Tracing

Having entered the world of missing person or skip trace investigations long before computer databases were available, we developed the methods, resources and contacts necessary to locate even the most difficult to find fugitives

Workers' Compensation

Complete AOE/COE, Sub Rosa, and surveillance services for all types of workers' compensation and subrogation matters.
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